Laura Prepon melts over the creaminess of Vitalite plant-based cheese, interview

Laura Prepon for Vitalite, photo provided by Vitalite
Laura Prepon for Vitalite, photo provided by Vitalite /

Although she has endeared herself to fans of That 70s Show or Orange Is The New Black, Laura Prepon has enticed foodies with smart food choices and simplified meal prep. As a busy working mother, Prepon proves that balanced eating isn’t a chore, rather it is all about the better decision. More importantly, when the taste delivers ultimate satisfaction, it is easy to find recipe inspiration that fits within those healthy eating parameters.

Anyone who has watched her cooking demos or has read her cookbooks appreciates that Laura Prepon knows her way around the kitchen. Who hasn’t looked at her Prepon Prep Board and say why hadn’t someone developed this idea sooner?

Still, as seen in her cookbook, The Stash Plan, her eating choices are about developing recipes that balance ease with good taste and great nutrition. Taking charge in the kitchen is about having options that fit each scenario.

Like many people, Prepon chooses to incorporate plant-based food into her routine. While that food segment has grown over the years, one area can still be a little sticky for some, plant-based cheese. Although many people want that alternative food, the criticism of some options is that the texture doesn’t satisfy. If plant-based meat can sizzle, where’s the plant-based cheese meltiness?

Recently, Laura Prepon partnered with Vitalite plant-based cheese to reimagine her cheddar cheese stuffed black bean and quinoa burger. As anyone who loves a great stuffed burger, the eating satisfaction is all about the melty, gooey, cheesy center. Luckily, the Vitalite plant-based cheese delivers.

As part of the partnership, FoodSided spoke to Prepon about the Vitalite plant-based cheese and how she uses it in her own home. Given that some people are skeptical about the “swap-ability” of plant-based cheese, we had to ask how she would approach the concept.

Prepon suggested just switch up the ingredients in a simple dish like a quesadilla or a grilled cheese. She commented, “When I do something super simple where you can really see if it works. When I started -using it, my kids loved it and it melted beautifully in a grilled cheese.”

She went on to suggest to just swap ingredients and not tell anyone at the table. It might be a little sneaky, but it avoids the preconceived notions. After a few bites, they won’t be predisposed to turning their nose up to this tasty plant-based cheese.

Given that the Vitalite plant-based cheese doesn’t other flavors to muddle a recipe, it offers the versatility that a home cook craves. Whether it is a mozzarella style on a pizza or a cream cheese in some pancakes, there are plenty of options to make that swap easier.

For Prepon, it is always about making bringing the flavor from the ingredients in a recipe that is easy to master. As a busy working mom, if the process doesn’t fit then it needs to be revised.

In her household, it is all about the preparation, especially when focusing on plant-forward dishes. Prepon explained how she keeps prepped vegetables, quinoa and other foods ready to grab, which ensures that she has “no excuses.”

Specifically, she mentioned that she “runs (her) kitchen like a mini-restaurant.” She feels that those simple steps can be a “game changer” for any home cook. That concept runs through all of her social media videos and has resonated with many home cooks.

Overall, Prepon wants to dispel the idea that “healthy, homemade meals will take forever to cook.” Whether she is modeling that concept for her own kids or for people watching online, the easier, faster method doesn’t sacrifice healthy eating.

In a simple phrase that might need to be written above the stove, Laura Prepon believes that “food is love.” Being able to share a connection or emotion with others in the kitchen and around the table can be that nurturing moment satisfies long after the food is eaten.

Prepon said that the kitchen is often the place where her friends and family gather. Spending time together is an important part of her life and the food on the table facilitates that connection.

Whether a food love story is a little cheesy or totally melts your heart is a feeling that depends on the person. But, there are plenty of food options that can bring everyone to the table, including a creamy Vitalite plant-based cheese.