New Trident VIBES flavors pack a big flavor punch

New Trident VIBES featuring Sour Patch Kids candy, photo provided by Trident
New Trident VIBES featuring Sour Patch Kids candy, photo provided by Trident /

When a particular craving hits, it cannot be pushed aside. While those adorable little sweet and sour candy guys always bring a little mischief to the conversation, sometimes candy isn’t always the right choice. But, that classic flavor craving needs to be satisfied. With the new Trident VIBES featuring Sour Patch Kids gum, it is time to chew on the flavor experience.

Chewing gum is more than just another bite. While the mint flavors might help refresh the breath after that pungent meal, gum is more than just a breath saver. There is something satisfying about chewing.

For some people, gum is a way to quelch a craving for a sweetness or mimic another flavor. Even if that classic bubble gum flavor brings a sense of nostalgia, other iconic flavors are making their way into the gum aisle.

With the new Trident VIBES, those sweet and sour kids are bringing the fun and flavor to the chew. The sugarless chewing gum captures three favorite Sour Patch Kids flavors, Redberry, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.

Similar to the enjoying the candy experience, the chewing gum has that duality that people have come to expect. First the crunchy, candy-like outer shell has that tangy sour. It instantly perks up the mouth, then starts to evolve.

Once the shell gives way to the chewiness, the sweetness takes over. Not too sweet, it is quite enjoyable. The similarity to the candy is clear.

For anyone who enjoys Sour Patch Kids, this chewing gum is a must try. Anyone of the flavors definitely deliver that flavor which candy fans love.

The Trident VIBES featuring Sour Patch Kids gum is available now. The Redberry and Blue Raspberry are available at retailers nationwide. The Watermelon flavor is exclusively available at Walmart. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.