Here’s how to get an order of free McDonald’s fries on July 13

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for McDonald's)
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for McDonald's) /

Even though National French Fry Day may not fall on a Friday, there is a bright spot to the national food holiday day. On July 13, free McDonald’s fries are waiting to be enjoyed. Ready to get your free food order?

National food holidays usually come with special offers. Whether it is ice cream, hamburgers or something else, there are plenty of reasons to splurge on a special food for that celebration.

With National French Fry Day being celebrated on July 13, there is a reason to head to McDonalds because free fries are on the menu. According to the brand, anyone using the McDonald’s app can get a free order of Large Fries on July 13. No additional purchase is necessary, but the offer is available only through the McDonald’s app.

How much do you know about McDonald’s fries?

While much has been said about the Big Mac, unusual McDonald’s restaurants or even that always tasty McFlurry, McDonald’s fries are one of the brand’s most iconic menu items. Going back to the original restaurant, those perfectly golden fried spuds delighted guests. Even though the 15 cent cost might be a distant memory, the reality is that a McDonald’s meal is just better with fries.

There are many reasons why McDonald’s fries taste so good. There are only certain potatoes that can be used. Although the company might not have a Ronald McDonald farm to harvest from, there are certain quality standards that make particular potatoes Golden Arches approved.

In addition, the specific cooking method and seasoning come together to ensure that every bite satisfies time and again. Although only some people have matriculated from McDonald’s University, the science behind the perfect French fry is not child’s play.

Whether those fries are enjoyed on their own, with some ketchup or even nestled inside the Big Mac bun, there is no denying that McDonald’s is lord of the fries. Ready to enjoy some free McDonald’s fries on July 13 and appreciate why the icon is so hard to beat?

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Which restaurant do you think has the best fries? What’s the most unusual way that you have enjoyed French fries?