Satisfy a McDonald’s Big Mac craving in three different options

McDonald's expands the Big Mac line-up, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's expands the Big Mac line-up, photo provided by McDonald's /

When that McDonald’s Big Mac craving hits, it needs to be satisfied. Now, McDonald’s is giving fans three different Big Mac options.

The McDonald’s Big Mac is one of the most iconic quick service restaurant menu items. Some people might recall the song with lyrics about the “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” While that Bic Mac is a favorite, food trends evolve and McDonald’s wants to stay ahead of the game.

Before anyone worries, the Big Mac isn’t getting a plant-based makeover nor is the is the hamburger changing drastically. Instead, McDonald’s is giving guests more options. Now, the Big Mac has three sizes, Big Mac, Little Mac and Double Big Mac.

While the classic Big Mac hasn’t changed, the Little Mac offers just one patty where the Double Big Mac offers four patties. From a small bite to a big one, now McDonald’s satisfies every Big Mac craving.

Giving guests varying sizes is a smart choice for McDonald’s. There are many people who want to enjoy a McDonald’s treat but have smaller appetites. Instead of wasting food or never satisfying the craving, McDonald’s is giving guests options.

On the opposite side, the Double Big Mac is for the hearty appetite. This option could be for the guest who orders two Big Macs at a time. Now, there is more meat versus extra bun.

While the Big Mac has been a McDonald’s menu staple for 50 years, it has to remain relevant in today’s busy quick service restaurant space. By focusing on size, McDonald’s doesn’t alienate its fan base. In a way, it only strengthens it.

If McDonald’s is looking to solidify the Big Mac’s place, another option would be to add the Big Mac to a Happy Meal. Given the addition of a Little Mac, this menu expansion could be quite plausible. Wouldn’t a Big Mac Happy Meal make everyone a little more excited?

The Little Mac and Double Big Mac will be available at participating McDonald’s starting on March 11. The new sizes will be available for a limited time, although the exact duration is unknown.

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Are you a McDonald’s Big Mac fan? What new menu innovation would you like to see McDonald’s add next?