MacCoin, McDonald’s food-backed currency is way tastier than crypto-currency


MacCoin is coming to fill your wallet and keep hunger at bay. Can this tasty currency be the new way to pay for your favorite Big Mac?

MacCoin is here and Big Mac fans are rejoicing. McDonald’s was looking for a way to celebrate its golden milestone. Looking at the traditional way to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac, the gift should be golden. Why shouldn’t the iconic brand create its own gold coin currency to mark the special occasion?

Launching across the globe, the MacCoin is the first fully backed food currency. What that means is that people can use this specific coin to get a free Big Mac. While many McDonald’s fans will use this coin as a collectible, it does have value at a local McDonald’s location.

MacCoin from McDonald’s photo provided by McDonald’s

Available in five designs, the special limited edition, golden coin celebrates the 50 years that people have enjoyed the Big Mac. In addition to the special five designs, the coin features seven languages. The languages represent the countries participating in this promotion.

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This McDonald’s promotion could be a huge event for McDonald’s fans. With coins available in 50 countries across the globe, fans could be searching for a specific design and/or a specific language. Of course, a free Big Mac is a great idea, but collecting all the coins could be a super fan’s ultimate accomplishment.

According to McDonald’s the idea to use a coin to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac was showcase the global popularity of the Big Mac. Sometimes a Big Mac’s cost is used “to compare the purchasing power of different international currencies.” While some people may not grasp the Euro vs. Yen vs. dollar valuation differences, everyone can understand the cost of an iconic burger.

The Big Mac has become part of global pop culture. Who doesn’t know the classic seven ingredients for this McDonald’s staple. That old-school jingle has been ear worm in my head on quite a few occasions. Still, this burger has stood the test of time. There is something comforting to know no matter where you go across the globe, a Big Mac is always a Big Mac.

As the MacCoin hits McDonald’s locations across the globe, it will be interesting to see if one of the coins becomes more collectible than others. My guess is that certain languages might be harder to find than others. Then again, one specific design could become a huge hit with fans.

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Will you go in search of the MacCoin? Or, will you just go in search of another Big Mac?