KFC gets cheesy and brings back a favorite KFC Bowls deal

Photo: New KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls available starting August 26.. Courtesy KFC
Photo: New KFC Mac and Cheese Bowls available starting August 26.. Courtesy KFC /

Summer fun is making everyone hungry and luckily there is a KFC Bowls deal that will satisfy that craving. With the KFC Mac & Cheese Bowls coming back to the menu, there is a forkful of comfort food waiting to be enjoyed.

Recently, KFC is focusing on the classics which have made the popular quick service restaurant so finger licking good. While there might have been a little humor with those finger sporks, everyone needs a little spirited conversation at the table. After all, those laughs can put aside the heated debate over who gets the big piece of chicken.

In 2019, KFC debuted the KFC Bowls. While the bowl concept is convenient, it is more than just putting all the food in a single serving method. It invites people to almost play with their food. One bite might be overflowing with cheesy goodness and the other might be chicken-centric. No matter the situation, the bowl gives guests a taste of everything.

This version of the KFC Famous Bowl is a creamy, cheesy, crunchy bite that many people will want to enjoy over and over. The classic mac & cheese and KFC crispy popcorn chicken makes the perfect contrast of flavors. It is the meal that you wished mom would have let you have as a kid.

As Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. said, “This meal is the epitome of hearty goodness.” And, given that Jack Harlow loves that mac & cheese, he might be willing to swap his celebrity meal for this big value.

Staring on July 18, there is a huge KFC Bowls deal. The mac & cheese bowl is just $5. The special digital offer is available on both the KFC app and online.

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Looking to bring some smiles to the table? This KFC Bowls deal will have everyone digging in and might even leave a little extra in the wallet for dessert.