New KFC celebrity meal celebrates his childhood favorites dishes

(Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

While the Colonel and the infamous 11 herbs and spices always have a hand in the KFC menu, the new KFC celebrity meal takes the restaurant brand in a new direction. Kentucky native Jack Harlow brings together classic flavors and a spicy new offering to create the ultimate food combo.

Recently, many quick service restaurants have used the celebrity meal to entice guests to make a special visit. Although the celebrity might not be behind the counter, that specially curated meal gives a glimpse of their favorite food. Even though they might have many accolades, they enjoy a quick bite like normal people.

With the new KFC celebrity meal, the brand collaborated with Jack Harlow. While the Kentucky native is proud of his home state, this meal is more than just an appreciation for down-home, comfort food flavors. It holds a touch of nostalgia yet a taste of new, which is a current food trend.

According to the three-time GRAMMY-nominated rapper, Jack Harlow said “When KFC asked me to create my own meal, I knew it couldn’t be just any meal. My meal brings together my childhood favorites from growing up in Louisville, the KFC Mac & Cheese, with my new go-to Spicy Chicken Sandwich (with plenty of ranch), Secret Recipe Fries, and lemonade – it doesn’t get much better.”

Looking at the food, it is rooted in classic flavors. The combination of lemonade, fried chicken and mac and cheese is a summertime staple. Who hasn’t sat in the backyard with friends and enjoyed this meal?

It is interesting that Harlow uses a lot of ranch with his Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Given that the ranch helps to dampen the spiciness, some people could take his advice. Maybe that’s the way to get more people to step into the spicy zone.

At the same time, the mac and cheese offsets the spiciness of the sandwich. Remember, any type of dairy can help bring down the flames.

In addition to the KFC celebrity meal, there will be a special merchandise line associated with this collaboration. That concept is one that many other quick service restaurants have employed. Having that shirt, hat or other food fashion item is a great remembrance of the special meal once it has left the menu.

Then again, just because the promotion has faded off the menu board doesn’t mean that the combination is gone forever. Anyone can order the Jack Harlow combination as long as the KFC menu items are still available.

What do you think of this new KFC celebrity meal? What other celebrities would you like to see become part of the Colonel’s family?