Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich joins the menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich, photo provided by BWW
Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich, photo provided by BWW /

Move over chicken wings because there is a new menu item that will have guests grabbing some extra napkins. The Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich as joined the menu, and everyone cannot get enough of that smothered bite. Which flavor tempts your tastebuds?

When it comes to the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, many people have a favorite sauce or seasoning. Even though a super spicy offering might hit restaurants for a limited time or that Doritos influenced flavor is too hard to resist, many people go back to a tried and true over and over. The reality is that chicken, sauce and seasoning are a winning combination.

But, sometimes chicken fans want something between two buns. Even though the chicken sandwich wars might have jumped the shark, the reality is that a chicken sandwich is a menu staple. It might not be as “buzzy” right now, but it usually satisfies.

For Buffalo Wild Wing guests, there was a void on the menu. Many people wanted to take those favorite sauces and seasonings that they love on the wings and put it on that chicken sandwich. Although many restaurants were willing to create that perfect bite, now the idea as officially come to the menu.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich transforms that hand-breaded chicken with any of the BWW 26 signature sauces and seasonings. Whether it is a love of the tangy Parmesan Garlic or craving the sweet heat of Mango Habanero, the robust offerings have a flavor to satisfy any craving.

Thinking about the new menu item, it isn’t necessary a new option. It creates an easy way for guests to order a food that they like. Sometimes streamlining a menu is important for guests and restaurants to ensure that everyone gets a taste of the food they want.

The announcement of the Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich comes after the recent addition of the BWW Bird Dawgs. Many people enjoyed that food mash-up. As part of the Happy Hour menu, it was a great bite to enjoy while spending a spirited bite with friends.

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What do you think of the new Buffalo Wild Wings Saucy Chicken Sandwich? Do you think that BWW needs to add more food options to its menu?