Delicious reasons why French butter should always be in the refrigerator

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From those beautifully laminated layers in a French croissant to a simple pat on that baguette, French butter is a taste above the rest. It is time to put aside the thoughts of intimations and embrace the flavor that the beautiful beurre has to offer.

Some cooks are particular when it comes to ingredients. While food television and celebrity chefs have long touted elevated proteins, exquisite finds, and extravagant tidbits, the reality is that there is a difference between a well-crafted ingredient and just a plain one.

Granted, cost can be a factor in choosing one ingredient over another. No one is saying that a foraged truffle is part of an everyday meal. But, choosing one butter over another will make a difference in the taste.

From savory chefs to bakers, butter can a churn quite a conversation. From the cows who produce the milk to the companies who make the final product, the craft can make one stick above the rest.

For some, French butter is the “creme of the crop.” While some people could just assert an overreaching reasoning that anything French is superb, the simplicity of that argument might melt under scrutiny.

Still, French butter is different from other butters on the shelf. One of the main differences is the higher fat content than other American butters. Just like there is a difference between an ice cream and a custard, the old saying of fat is flavor still applies.

Even though the percentage difference might be small, the higher fat percentage can impact recipes, especially baking. For example, laminated pastry can be even more enjoyable when that French butter adds the flakey quality to every layer.

Also, French butter tends to be less processed. While many people have varying opinions on processed foods, the reality is that fewer hands into the mix can keep the flavor in and the excess out. Sometimes simple is just better.

Although the regular grocery story might not have an abundant selection of brands, President is a common option and a great example. Maybe the next time that baguette is on the table, consider buying a package of that particular butter and do a taste test. It could have you tipping your beret to the scrumptious taste.

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Are you a fan of French butter? What other specialty ingredients do you keep stocked in the kitchen?