Breakfast goes green with Apple Jacks Slime Cereal

Breakfast goes green with Apple Jacks Slime Cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's
Breakfast goes green with Apple Jacks Slime Cereal, photo provided by Kellogg's /

It is time to add a little extra color to breakfast and Kellogg’s is making it happen. Apple Jacks Slime Cereal is here. Ready to embrace the green?

Sometimes there is a time and a place where playing with your food is acceptable. Although a food fight at the table might not be in the cards, a little fun can bring smiles around. With this new Kellogg’s cereal, both young and old will want to get slimed.

The new Apple Jacks Slime Cereal is a collaboration between Kellogg’s and Nickelodeon. Granted, no one is getting some of that green stuff dumped on their head, but each spoonful does bring a little green goodness to the bowl.

Nickelodeon and its iconic slime crosses generations. Parents might still remember the first time they saw people get slimed on Double Dare. Kids today have seen over the top ways where their favorite celebrities are doused with the green stuff.

The same can be said about Apple Jacks. Those green and orange cereal bites bring a little sweetness with that apple flavor. It has been a favorite for decades.

With the new Apple Jacks Slime Cereal, the fun offering blends the flavor people expect with a little extra. While the flavor is green apple, there is a surprise in the cereal which turns the cereal milk a vibrant green. As Sadie Garcia, Director of Brand Marketing at Kellogg All Family Cereal said, “Both known for our bright orange and green colors, Kellogg’s Apple Jacks and Nickelodeon Slime are a perfect pairing. Now families can discover all the fun of Slime at the breakfast table with a delicious new cereal that changes the color of the milk while you eat.”

Over the past couple of years, various cereal brands have embraced the idea of color changing cereal milk. From bright pinks to seasonal offerings, adding a little “magic” can make that favorite cereal seem new again. Without changing the flavor, it does bring excitement to the cereal bowl.

The new Apple Jacks Slime Cereal is available now for a limited time. The 8.2-ounce box has a suggested retail price of $4.49.