Don’t say NOPE to the Cos-NOPE-olitan from SKYY Vodka

Tiffany Haddish sips on Cos-NOPE-olitan from SKYY Vodka , photo provided by SKYY Vodka
Tiffany Haddish sips on Cos-NOPE-olitan from SKYY Vodka , photo provided by SKYY Vodka /

As excitement builds for Jordan Peele’s new film, NOPE, there are more reasons to sip that scream with this specialty cocktail from SKYY Vodka, Cos-NOPE-olitan. Even a few famous faces raised a toast on the Universal Studios backlot. Do you dare jump on the back of this trending cocktail?

From movie premieres to special events, many liquor brands find ways to toast that opening. While a simple pour can be a delightful sip, a festive themed cocktail can spark a spirited conversation.

Given that Jordan Peele movies not only bring the frights but a reason to ponder, a flavorful cocktail can calm the nerves and keep the conversation going. Although NOPE might not have people wandering through the funhouse, Jupiter’s Claim might have people peering more carefully at the sky.

For the special event, SKYY Vodka created the COS-NOPE-OLITAN. This twist on a classic Cosmopolitan added a little intrigue to the cocktail glass. Even though the garnish was a little whimsical, the concoction should not be treated lightly.

The COS-NOPE-OLITAN features SKYY Vodka, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Lime Juice, Cranberry Cocktail, Ube Concentrate, Garnish: cotton candy cloud and pennant flags. As seen in this video, it might you looking twice.

While NOPE is set to hit theaters on July 22, the film set is to the public at Universal Studios Hollywood. Available through the Studios Tour, the Jupiter’s Claim set brings a piece of modern movie magic to fans. Although people might not be looking up in fear, there are many details that will have guests unable to look away.

The opening of the Jupiter’s Claim set at Universal Studios Hollywood is the first time a theme park experience has opened at the same time as the movie release. It shows the importance of Peele’s movies on film culture and how he is changing movie fans perspectives.

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Even if people cannot step on the movie set, they will not say NOPE to the Cos-NOPE-olitan from SKYY Vodka. Whether it calms your nerves remains to be seen but it will have you looking twice.