DOVE Ice Cream wants you to unwrap inspired moments of relaxation

Dove Ice Cream celebrates the summer of self care, photo Dove Ice Cream
Dove Ice Cream celebrates the summer of self care, photo Dove Ice Cream /

Taking a moment away from the laptop, smartphone or just the noise that seems to overwhelm the day can be a totally blissful moment. Although self-care might be a popular topic, it should be more than just words. DOVE Ice Cream wants everyone to embrace the cool and carve out that moment to just relax.

The jokes about moms escaping to the bathroom for that minute of alone time are many. Who hasn’t felt envy over that seemingly idyllic vacation escape?  Although those moments might get all the attention, self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant or minuscule. It is about finding that moment to step away from the unnecessary.

Ahead of International Self-Care Day on July 24, DOVE Ice Cream partnered with Feeling Fab Box to create the DOVE Ice Cream Cool-Down Kit. The specially curated kit features everything that anyone could need to unwind a little.

Dove Ice Cream Self Care Kit
Dove Ice Cream Self Care Kit, photo provided by Dove Ice Cream /

As Jayesh Shah, Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director believes that this offering will inspire everyone to take a moment to cool down this summer. Beyond the scorching temperatures, it is about putting yourself on top of the to-do list. “With women empowerment at the core of our DOVE brand, we’re proud to partner with a women-owned business like Feeling Fab Box for this program and continue our ongoing support for women, both at home and in our cocoa-growing communities.”

Everyone will have a chance to receive a DOVE Ice Cream Cool Down Kit starting on Thursday, July 21at 9 A.M. EST. The special kits will be available while supplies last, on a first come, first serve basis. More information can be found on the Feeling Fab Box website.

While this item is a special promotion, it sets an example for anyone. Even if a person does not get one of the special boxes, the self-care moment can be created at home. Why not eat a DOVE Ice Cream bar while enjoying that foot soak.

Sure, everyone would love to have that perfect chaise lounge with dim lights and relaxing music at the foot of the bed. But, a blanket on the couch, a moment quiet and a sweet treat can make even the most hectic day a little brighter.

What do you do to bring a little self-care to your day? Does it involve a little sweet treat?