Time to raise a fork to the Pierogi, the national dish of Poland

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Comfort food might be different across countries, but the sentiment served with that dish crosses cultures and languages. Whether it is a big hug, a squeeze of support or just a pat to make it alright, food can be the way to brighten a day. For some people, the Pierogi, the national dish of Poland, can make any day a little happier.

For those unfamiliar, a pierogi is a type of filled dumpling. While many cultures have a dumpling, the Polish version can be savory or sweet. Usually, it is first boiled then pan fried prior to serving to offer a little crispy texture on one side.

Many options include potatoes. Those simple dumplings can have a variety of toppings to add a little extra seasoning. In addition, there are recipes with cheese, meat, cabbage and even fruit.

While the traditional food can be found in many home kitchens, some people prefer to have someone else do the heavy lifting. One company that puts tons of flavor in its simple dumpling. Holy Perogy brings bold flavors to the humble food.

The ready to cook and serve option, Holy Perogy comes in a variety of potato forward flavors. Whether served as a snack, main meal or even a side dish, there are plenty of reasons to keep a bag or two in the freezer.

Holy Perogy has eight flavors in the line. From tangy fully loaded potato to spicy jalapeno, there is an option which will appeal to everyone. Even one or two flavors might get people to step out of their comfort zone a little.

While there are several flavors, there are even more ways to serve these little dumplings. From a simple sprinkling of chives to a dollop of sour cream, there are plenty of ways to express that culinary creativity.

For families looking to have easy food options within reach, Holy Perogy is a great option. Given that it can be served in various ways, it avoids the dinner time fight. Or, it can be an afterschool snack. Given that potatoes are a good source of potassium, it is a healthy eating option that everyone may like.

Holy Perogy can be found at various retailers. Check the brand’s website for locations.

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