Patron unveils the third offering in its Lalique series

(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Billboard)
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Billboard) /

Sometime a beverage’s vessel denotes the beautiful of the liquor inside. Beyond the impression it makes on a shelf, that visual entices the drinker to embrace the whole experience. From first pour to last drop, it is a celebration of the craft. The latest offering in the Patron Lalique series celebrates the tradition in every distillation.

Many people ask for a pour of Patron either on its own or mixed into a cocktail. Having been touted as the “world’s number one super-premium tequila,” the liquor brand appreciates that its craftsmanship and ingredients come together to make that impeccable spirit.

While there are many of the brand’s offerings on the shelf, occasionally it offers limited editions that pique the interest of either the elevated tequila drinker or beverage connoisseurs. The latest in the Lalique series is a bottle that will have captivate many people.

PATRON en LALIQUE Serie 3 celebrates how the stunning liquor came to be. While the bottle conveys the beauty of the blue agave plant, it is more than just a pretty picture. It is meant to celebrate the power of nature and how it influences the tequila that has become a worldwide favorite.

As David Rodriguez, Master Distiller at PATRON said, “Our familia of talented craftsmen are constantly experimenting to create bold innovations that stay true to the PATRÓN commitment to handcrafted perfection. We explored many combinations of extra añejo tequilas before landing on the liquid excellence that can be found in PATRÓN en LALIQUE: Serie 3.”

With this latest offering, the bottle’s inspiration looks to nature and portrays both a strength and a delicacy. Looking back at past designs, the 2015 Serie 1 celebrated the classic bottle design while the 2017 Serie 2 captured the importance of Art Deco influence on Mexican and French culture. Through this interpretation of the Blue Agave plant, it shows the influence that nature has on both companies.

The Patron en LALIQUE Serie 3 does have a significant price tag and it is likely purchased by a true collector. Each numbered bottle has a price of $7,500 and there are only 299 bottles available.

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Sometimes the presentation is as important has the taste. With the newest PATRON en LALIQUE offering, the bottle inspired beyond the simple pour in a glass.