Does this ground meat swap prove to be more cost effective?

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Anyone who goes grocery shopping appreciates that filling the basket comes with a higher price tag. From rising food costs to shrinkflation, the shopping dollar does not stretch as far as previously. While families might have their favorite recipes, the reality is that sometimes switching ingredients can help keep food costs in check. Have you tried this ground meat swap in your home?

Often easy to prepare recipes are top choices for families. Beyond the flavor preferences, the concept of stove to table in less time and fewer steps has an appeal. Ground beef can be a popular, versatile choice for these types of recipes.

But, the prices of ground beef have risen over the past year. According to one survey, a “90-96% fat ground beef has an approximate price of $5.45 a pound.” Some consumers are looking for a ground meat swap that is a good nutritional choice as well as cost effective.

According to Butterball Turkey, its ground turkey is “21-66% cheaper than ground beef.” For anyone looking to maximize food dollars spent that this ground meat swap fits the bill. Plus, it is a good source of protein and can be used in a variety of family friendly recipes.

From an easy skillet meal to a bowl, there are various recipes on the Butterball website. For example, the Thai Turkey Grain Bowls offer a great balance of nutrition while pushing the flavors forward. Or, for the tasty dinner option, the Turkey Burger Casserole is always a crowd pleasure. Sometimes the burger does not need a bun.

This idea shows that home cooks can use a little ingenuity to put tasty meal that does not break the bank on the table. Whether it is a ground meat swap, adding a few extra vegetables, or searching for new ideas, there are options to be had to keep some food costs in check.

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What are your suggestions for stretching the food dollar? Have you tried the ground meat swap?