Limited edition ZOA Black Adam cans revealed at Comic-con

ZOA Black Adam cans, photo provided by ZOA
ZOA Black Adam cans, photo provided by ZOA /

As fans await the highly anticipated Black Adam movie starting Dwayne Johnson, ZOA has unveiled the first of its kind partnership at this year’s Comic-Con. Ready for a boost of energy from the ZOA Black Adam cans?

ZOA Energy and its newer pre-workout beverage have filled a void in the energy drink space. More than a refreshing flavor and a vitalizing sip, this brand looks to bring positivity in every can. By focusing on the total mindset, the beverage company wants to set itself apart from other cans on the shelf.

With the ZOA Black Adam cans, the collaboration is more than a line of bespoke cans that DC Comics fans will want to collect. As reference by Dwayne Johnson, it offers a synergy between the two worlds. Specifically, he said, “I’m incredibly excited to introduce our comic and movie-loving audience to a healthy, positive boost of energy that fits into every lifestyle.”

In addition, the Comic-Con unveiling served as just the beginning of this special beverage launch. Johnson revealed, “we have so many more big fun surprises to come as part of our ZOA and Black Adam partnership. All with one goal in mind, to deliver for our number one boss, the consumers.”

Specifically, the preview Black Adam cans available at Comic-Con featured three special flavors. While the activation quenched fans thirst for all things Black Adam, it is more than just a memorable photo op and a trinket to collect.

Although the Comic-Con unveiling had many fans taking note, the collaboration between an energy drink and DC Entertainment seems to show how energy drinks are starting to appeal to a broader demographic. It is more than just the person looking for the boost prior to the gym or the surge to keep going during a late-night adventure.

Given that the energy beverage market is continually expanding, it is interesting to see that ZOA Energy is using its founder to leverage these unique partnerships. Whether some DC Entertainment cans pick up the can for the first time because of the character or beverage fans discover the movie, the duality broadens the appeal and secures the brand’s prime space on the shelf.

The limited edition ZOA Black Adam cans will be available this fall. Check with the brand for future updates and availability.

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What do you think of this product collaboration? Do you think that it will broaden the reach for both partners?