Frankie Celenza turns the impossible into the delicious on Tastemade, interview

Frankie Celenza for Tastemade's Frankie vs the Internet, photo provided by Tastemade
Frankie Celenza for Tastemade's Frankie vs the Internet, photo provided by Tastemade /

On Frankie vs the Internet on Tastemade, Season 2 takes on more internet food trends and prepares to debunk some of this impossibly simple hacks. While the TikTok video might show a few seconds of food glory, Frankie Celenza peels back the layers of that unassumingly simple cook. Luckily, there is a path to make the impossibly simple even more delicious.

While culinary competitions seem to fill the schedule, the reality is that some food television fans want to learn the “how” behind the food. Although it might not be a slice of culinary school, learning a few culinary techniques can set anyone on the path to becoming a better cook.

With Frankie vs the Internet Season 2, the popular Tastemade show is more than just another cursory look at what is hot in food. Although it does take on those corn ribs or the microwave flamin hot stuffed pepper, the reality is that this show might be the spark to get some people to think beyond that hack.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Frankie Celenza about the new season, the complexity of food hacks and a few other tasty tidbits. Even though Celenza has been impressing viewers with his Struggle Meals and budget friendly offerings, the chef and creator appreciates that staying current keeps people engaged.

While Celenza believes that Tastemade is the channel which successfully brings the younger generation to the screen, it is more than just a clip or two that impresses. In Frankie vs the Internet, it is about showing how that perfectly edited 30 second clip is really about the details behind the easy.

Specifically, Celenza said that he takes “these impossible videos that we watch in 30 seconds” and show that the easy could be in the editing. He said that “some of them require 900 pots and pans.” While that statement might be a tad exaggerated, the reality is that this Tastemade show’s 30 minute format allows viewers to “see how the sausage is made.”

For Celenza, one aspect of this Tastemade show is vital. It is about giving the viewer the opportunity to learn cooking techniques while having fun. Sure, the professional chefs might make it look easy, but it is more than just a quick chop and an impressive flambe.

Adding some insight, Celenza said that there is an “interesting introspective look into these dishes.” While there is a type of improvisation, classic techniques support each dish. Even if the final recipe seems a little silly, there is something to be learned.

While there is an entertainment value, Celenza believes that there is a “incredibly brilliant” aspect to the rise in food hacks and engaging videos. Although the good ones will rise and the less engaging ones will fade away, there is plenty to be learned from anyone. Even if the viral video landscape is still in its early stages, Celenza thinks that there are plenty more food trends to be explores.

Frankie vs the Internet Season 2 can be watched on Tastemade. New episodes premiere on Wednesdays.

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What is your favorite food hack video? Have you ever found one of those food hacks too good to be true?