Stone Brewing Delicious IPA is a citrus forward satisfying sip

Stone Brewing Delicious IPA, photo provided by Stone IPA
Stone Brewing Delicious IPA, photo provided by Stone IPA /

Putting the term delicious in a beer’s name sets the tone even before the first drop is pour. When the expectation is high, that beer needs to deliver. Luckily with Stone Brewing Delicious IPA, the reality is that this brew lives up to its description.

For over 25 years, Stone Brewing has impressed beer drinkers. As one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement, the company has never been afraid to forge its own path. While the craft beer community has come together to support each other, the gargoyle has a great vantage point over the company’s brewing direction.

While Stone Brewing has always produced hop forward beers, it is more than just a bottle full of hoppiness. The nuanced flavors are appealing. From a heavier stout to an easy drinking IPA, the many options ensure that there is always a beer to enjoy.

Why is Stone Brewing Delicious IPA perfect for summer?

Certain flavors capture summertime. Citrus with its bright, refreshing notes seem to be a preferred option on a warm, sunny say. Luckily, the Stone Brewing Delicious IPA is a delightful choice.

As a West Coast Style IPA, there is a familiarity to the beer. Without coloring too far outside the lines, the beer makes it easy for drinkers to pop open a bottle. Still, there is nuance that cannot be overlooked.

Sometimes described as a sturdy beer, the citrus notes are multi-layered. Bright lemon, tropical pineapple and even a little juicy strawberry comes together with the herbal and spice flavors.

Given these flavors, it makes pairing the beer easy. From a simple grilled fish to a hearty birria taco, it can be fun to experiment. Even a bold Thai Green Curry Chicken would be able to stand up to the beer and vice versa. Overall, it might be on of Stone Brewing’s easiest beers to pair with food.

While there are plenty of reasons to pour the Stone Brewing Delicious IPA, the reality is that some people pick the beer because it is Gluten Reduced. Although for technical reasons, it cannot be labeled gluten free, that designation does bring in some beer drinkers.

But, it is not the only reason. Some people do not even know that the beer is gluten reduced. They just enjoy drinking this year round offering because it is a great IPA.

The Stone Brewing Delicious IPA has a 7.7% ABV and is available nationwide.

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What is your favorite beer from Stone Brewing? Do you have a bottle of this citrus forward IPA in your fridge?