Tasty reasons why Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies should always be in the pantry

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.(Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

From that late night snack to the school lunch box treat, Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a delicious dessert. While the aroma of grandma’s cookies fresh from the oven might be filled with homey memories, those desserts are only sometimes treats. When that craving calls, the Keebler Elves are ready to deliver.

Inside every package there is a little Keebler magic. However the Elves waved that wand inside the tree, that sweetness in the cookie comes through. It is classic, comforting and satisfying.

While Keebler has a variety of cookies under its line, including Stripes, Shortbread and more, the classic chocolate chip cookies are a pantry staple. Given that there are seven flavor options, it could be possible to have a different dessert every day of the week.

Which Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies are the tastiest?

7. Chips Deluxe Coconut Cookies

For people who like a little extra texture with their chocolate chip cookies, the Chips Deluxe Coconut Cookies are the right choice. But, coconut can be controversial. If that tropical vibe is craved, grab a package of these cookies.

6. Keebler – Chips Deluxe Dipped Duos

A new option on the shelf, these cookies are all about the chocolate dip. Just be careful to have a napkin nearby. That extra layer of chocolate can lead to some messy hands.

5. Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some people love a softer cookie, and this Keebler variety delivers that texture. The only downside with these cookies is that it is hard to eat just one.

4 Chips Deluxe Double Chocolate with M&M’S

A must for the chocolate candy lover, this cookie brings all the flavors and textures. For the ultimate treat, consider turning these cookies into a sandwich is quite tasty. Whether filled with ice cream or icing, the options are many.

3. Chips Deluxe Chocolate Chunk

Sometimes a bigger piece of chocolate mixed into the batter is quite satisfying. This cookie is all about the ratio of chocolate to cookie. This flavor goes big on the chocolate.

2. Chips Deluxe Soft ‘N Chewy

Sometimes that little extra texture leads to eating satisfaction. The soft and chewy variety brings that aspect to the plate. It almost tastes like grandma’s recipe.

1. Keebler – Chips Deluxe Original

The iconic, classic Chips Deluxe is always a top choice. Whether dunked in milk, eaten on its own, or transformed into another dessert, there are many options. It might be best to have two packages in the pantry to ensure a cookie is always within reach.

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What is your favorite Keeble Chocolate Chip Cookies? Do you always have cookies in the pantry?