New Keebler cookies make snack time a special celebration

New Keebler Cookies that honor Make A Wish, photo provided by Keebler
New Keebler Cookies that honor Make A Wish, photo provided by Keebler /

Sometimes a little treat can make any day seem a little brighter. With the new Keebler cookies, the tempting treats are more than just tasty. There is a little celebration waiting to be unwrapped in every package.

Keebler has many signature cookies under its umbrella. Ernie and friends seem to be constantly busy baking new treats in that Hollow Tree. From seasonal offerings to limited-edition cookies, some people might want to buy an extra gallon of milk to enjoy with all these cookies?

Which new Keebler cookies are a sweet celebration?

As part of the several new Keebler cookies offerings, the Fudge Stripes Make-A-Wish Celebration Cake Cookies have a little extra included in each package. While the pretty blue color stands out on a plate, those cookies give back to the iconic charity.

Each package triggers a donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation, for up to $250,000 total goal. If there was ever a good excuse to eat some cookies, this charity connection could have people buying an extra package or two to share.

While the Make-A-Wish cookies are a limited time offering, there are other new Keebler cookies that are equally as tempting. Chips Deluxe Double Chocolate M&Ms will have chocolate lovers raiding the cookie jar. For anyone who cannot get enough chocolate, this cookie will be a top choice.

For those people who prefer more chocolate on the cookie versus in the cookie, the Chips Deluxe Dipped Duos Chocolate Fudge is a top choice. The classic Chips Deluxe are dipped in that Keebler Fudge. Everyone knows that those elves make some tasty fudge.

Lastly, there are some cookie lovers who prefer to skip the chocolate. Sandies Cranberry & Almond are a tart twist on the classic cookie. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea or just a simple dessert, these cookies have a touch of sophistication that many people will want to enjoy.

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These new Keebler cookies are available at various retailers. Check with stores or online for availablity.