Krispy Kreme kicks off fall with new pumpkin spice doughnuts

New Kreme Pumpkin Spice doughnuts, photo provided by Krispy Kreme
New Kreme Pumpkin Spice doughnuts, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

That Red Hot Light might be glowing orange because the fall flavors are rolling off the line. Krispy Kreme just unveiled new pumpkin spice doughnuts. It is time to get that first taste of fall.

Every year it seems that pumpkin spice season starts even earlier. For Krispy Kreme, it is rolling out the fall favorite one month earlier than 2021. Starting on August 8, 2022, there are new pumpkin spice doughnuts as well as some fall beverages coming to the menu. There might still be a heat wave all around, but these warm flavors are too tempting to resist.

As Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme said, “Sure, pumpkin spice is generally associated with fall, but true fans of the flavor will agree that August is close enough! So, we’re pulling fall forward, enabling our guests to indulge and enjoy early with delicious pumpkin spice doughnuts and drinks, including our Pumpkin Spice Latte, which you can get iced or frozen, by the way.”

Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts 2022
Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice doughnuts, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

New pumpkin spice doughnuts come to Krispy Kreme.

Inspired by the coffee that started it all, the new Krispy Kreme flavor is the Pumpkin Spice Latte Swirl Doughnut. This doughnut brings all the flavors together. Dipped in a pumpkin spice/sugar blend, the pumpkin spice doughnut is finished with a vanilla and coffee buttercream. While it might be better enjoyed with a black coffee, it epitomizes the flavors of that classic fall beverage.

Three other fall favorites return to the menu. The classic Original Glaze gets a pumpkin spice twist. In addition, that Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed can be filled with a cheesecake kreme. That option could have people skipping baking and serving it as a dessert.

Also, the Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut is a classic. For a little extra treat, consider turning this doughnut into an ice cream sandwich or a doughnut sundae. It might be the tasty compromise to the early start to pumpkin spice season.

While many people will be ordering a dozen or two, the fall beverages are back, too. Although many people will order the classic pumpkin spice latte, the new pumpkin spice iced coffee might be the perfect sip for the early start to pumpkin season. That iced coffee with pumpkin pie sauce hits the sweet and spicy that makes it a satisfying sip.

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The Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice offerings will be available August 8 for a limited time. Ready to grab the first taste of fall?