Savory s’mores recipes will change the campfire classic forever

Savory s'mores recipes, photo provided by Reynolds
Savory s'mores recipes, photo provided by Reynolds /

When darkness falls and the campfire lights up the night, there is a promise of a sweet treat. S’mores are the classic dessert that has everyone gathered around the flame. But, sometimes a flavor twist can make that bite even more enjoyable. Hungry to try some savory s’mores recipes?

A s’mores recipe is fairly simple, marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers. While each ingredient can change a little, the basic idea is a sweet dessert. Even if someone chars the marshmallow too much or adds some peanut to the chocolate, at the core, the recipe is sweet.

Sometimes a little savory note can make a dessert even tastier. Just like the notion that a touch of salt brings out the sweetness, a savory note can bring all the flavors together. Why not bring the savory flavors to s’mores?

Recently, Reynolds Kitchens has created two savory s’mores recipes that have people talking. The taste of the unexpected might be a little unusual, but the first bite will not be the last.

The Caramel S’more and Bacon Cookies is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Similar to the idea of a salted caramel, the bacon brings that salty note. Basically, this dessert covers all the flavor notes.

While the Reynolds Kitchens version uses a dough made from scratch, a dough mix could be used, too. Or, a store bought cookie could be used, too. Simply top with the bacon, caramel and marshmallow.

For a recipe that pushes the flavor boundaries even more, pickle s’mores will have people talking. This dessert idea is either loved or hated. There is no middle ground. But, pickle lovers will want to master this idea.

Basically, this recipe adds pickles to the classic s’mores recipe. While the recipe does not specify the type of pickles, it might just be a personal preference. Or, it could be fun to try different types of pickles and see which flavor works the best.

Whether these savory s’mores recipes are enjoyed around the campfire or they inspire some creativity in the kitchen, a new flavor is waiting. Are you ready for a savory twist?