The Great American Recipe Season 2 will continue to celebrate multiculturalism

The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

After revealing its Season 1 winner, The Great American Recipe Season 2 will return to PBS. Throughout the summer, the feel-good Friday night programming transformed the concept of a culinary competition. Ready for another serving of multiculturalism?

The idea of The Great American Recipe was simple. Home cooks with their diverse backgrounds came together to highlight their culture. While the concept of the American melting pot might have changed over the years, that notion is another ingredient to many people’s food vocabulary. Whether it is fusion, global influences or another adjective, the ability to find similarities across cultures can be quite satisfying.

As seen throughout the first season, the home cooks bonded over the shared experiences. Even though there was a critical eye from the judges and home cooks were eliminated, the uplifting vibe resonated with people. After several years of home cooks looking for culinary inspiration from their heritage, this food television show seemed to resonate.

What can viewers expect from The Great American Recipe Season 2?

In a recent announcement, PBS shared that The Great American Recipe Season 2 will air in the Summer 2023. While all the details have yet to be announced, Alejandra Ramos will return as host. In addition, Leah Cohen, Tiffany Derry, and Graham Elliot will return as judges.

Filming for the new season is set to begin in Fall 2022. It will be interesting to see the new set of home cooks who earn their spot in the culinary competition. After the first season, the new group has big shoes to fill.

As fans reflect on the first season, the ability to cook along with the signature dishes seemed to set this food television show apart. While many people look in awe of the professional chefs with their intricate recipes and elevated ingredients, this program was like welcoming people to the home table. If season 2 can capture that sentiment, again, it will be another winner.

Are you excited for The Great American Recipe Season 2? Would you like to be part of the PBS culinary competition?