Brooke Williamson shares why Ziploc Endurables offer ultimate versatility, interview

Ziploc Endurables, photo provided by Ziploc
Ziploc Endurables, photo provided by Ziploc /

Behind her Top Chef and Tournament of Champions chef titles, Brooke Williamson is a working mom. With several successful restaurants, the talented chef and businesswoman appreciates that cooking at home needs to be less stressful. Having the right kitchen essentials can make meal prep, cooking, and storage a breeze. It is one of the reasons why she has turned to Ziploc Endurables.

Families appreciate that Ziploc and its various products are a kitchen staple. Whether those bags and containers hold meal prep, leftovers or various other items, Ziploc offer simple solutions.

But, consumers are becoming more eco-conscious. Just like the disposable water bottle has been replaced with a reusable one, food storage containers need to have a longer life. With the Ziploc Endurables, one product can go from freezer to oven to table. That versatility makes it a popular choice for any cook.

Recently, Brooke Williamson partnered with Ziploc Endurables to showcase the many uses of the product. While many people have secretly longed to remake her impeccable dishes that people have seen on food television, the celebrated chef revealed several ideas that any cook, even a novice one can master.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Williamson shared some thoughts on the new product and how it has inspired some of her home cooking. In some ways, this item seems like a new take on the one pan meal that is often popular with families.

Williams said that it “not only combines that one pan meal aspect but also combines it with storage.” For her, she believes that “it is a really unique kitchen tool in a sense that you can build, meal prep, cook, and store all in one pouch.” In some ways, it could be the pantry clutter edit that many home cooks will want.

Throughout the conversation, there are certain aspects to this method of meal prep, cooking and storage that are similar to how a restaurant chef adapts their recipes. As Williamson explained, she can go to the farmer’s market for fresh tomatoes, prep those ingredients, and store them in the Ziploc containers. Whether one pouch goes in the freezer for another day and the other one goes on the table for dinner, that multi-functional capability helps to always eat fresh.

In addition, it adapts to how many families eat. The storage and cook function offer a second or third look for ingredients. As many people have learned that meal prep can help make dinners more efficient, this option can add to the multitude of uses for one component.

For example, Williamson referenced her Cod and Gnocchi with Tomato Confit recipe. While that dinner recipe celebrates the all-in one cooking method, she mentioned how to make an extra portion of the tomatoes to use on other dishes.

Plus, the Ziploc Endurables can help impart more flavor without adding too many extra ingredients. In a way, that container helps to concentrate the flavors without the extra oil or butter. Williamson mentioned it is a nod to a healthy way of cooking.

Referencing back to the tomatoes, being able to highlight them at their seasonal peak brings out the naturally sweet flavor. Williamson said that using seasonal, fresh ingredients allows the ingredients to shine versus having to manipulate the flavor. In some ways, it sounds as if buying extra and storing in the Ziploc Endurables for another recipe could be the kitchen hack that any home cook needs to employ.

Ziploc Endurables recipe from Brooke Williamson
Ziploc Endurables, photo provided by Ziploc /

Since this product offers versatility, Williamson said that she has enjoyed experimenting with the Ziploc Endurables. Beyond her cod recipe, she has made a version of an Italian Wedding Soup. Anyone who has made soup from scratch appreciates that it can be a time-consuming process. With this product, it can go from ingredients to stove to table in a fraction of the time.

Williamson has even baked in the product. Since the Ziploc product is oven safe, it is another way to having a simple dessert without the extra dishes. It might be time to put away that microwave mug cake recipe for this option. Who wouldn’t want a sweet treat always within reach?

While Brooke Williamson might make cooking look easy on food television, the Ziploc Endurables can make cooking easy for anyone. With this new product, one bag plus one solution equals a delicious meal.

The Ziploc Endurables are available at various retailers. They are available in two forms and five sizes and prices vary. The product can be used for “sous vide, boil, steam, microwave, freeze in sub-zero temperatures, or bake up to 425°F.” In addition, it is dishwasher safe and reusable.

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