House of the Dragon wines take flight with three varietals

House of Dragon Wines, photo provided by Vintage Wine Estates
House of Dragon Wines, photo provided by Vintage Wine Estates /

As the highly anticipated HBO and HBO Max series is set to debut on August 21, the House of the Dragon Wines might be the perfect pour to enjoy while watching an episode. From Vintage Wine Estates, the direct-to-consumer wine offering will have both series fans and wine drinkers looking to buy and enjoy a bottle.

For the launch, there are three wines offered by Vintage Wine Estates’ Seven Kingdoms Cellars. They are an Oregon Pinot Noir, a red blend from Lodi and a Cabernet Sauvignon from California. While the wines might borrow their label from the series, each bottle unfolds its own story.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a robust wine. With a slightly sweet finish, the rich wine brings notes of cherry jamminess, a hint of smoky and a nuanced vanilla crème. Delightful on its own or paired with a hearty meal, this wine will have people wanting more.

With the red blend, the wine is quite approachable. A juicy wine, the red fruit flavors are blended with a hint of cocoa and a touch of maple. The rich color entices the eye and invites that first sip. The layers reveal a berry finish with a little coffee bitterness. It is intriguing and a glass that is not easily put down.

Lastly, the pinot noir might have the best aromatics of the three wine offerings. Blending a subtle earthy note with the tartness of cherry and cranberry, the medium bodied wine is fruit forward. Slightly silky with a vibrant color, it might be the gem of the offerings.

Looking at these wines, many people will purchase a bottle because of the connection to the show. Even if that is the initial reason, the flavors could bring people back to enjoy another bottle.

The House of the Dragon wines are available online. Each bottle is priced at $20.