Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV wins the gameday experience

Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV, photo provided by Pepsi /

With the NFL season ready to begin, football fans are preparing for the weekly gameday. While the popular beverage brand has proved to everyone that all food is Better With Pepsi, there needs to be a creative way to ensure that cold can is within reach without missing a minute of action. The Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV is the perfect solution.

Whether it is a man cave, football watching room, or even that backyard oasis, football fans can create that ultimate space. Decorated with all the team gear and maybe even a few lucky pieces for when that fourth quarter comeback seems unlikely, that space is a football haven.

But, the recliner needs to have the football food spread close. Although some furniture might have a built-in cooler and the kids might be your personal waitstaff, there is always room to innovate. Say hello to the Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV.

The special Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV might be fantasy turned reality. As part of the new NFL campaign for Pepsi Zero Sugar, the special refrigerator is also a television. According to the beverage brand, it is a “55’ 4K LED screen with a fully functional 16-can beverage refrigerator built into it.” With a push of a button, the wall-mounted television slides to reveal the beverages. Not a single pass, punt or score is missed while grabbing that Pepsi.

Although many football fans would pay for this special television, it is not available in stores. But, people can enter to win it on Pepsi’s Twitter and Instagram channels.

Does the Pepsi Gametime Fridge prove that Pepsi better with football?

While Pepsi has taken the idea of “Better With” to almost every food pairing combination, the football season brings another layer to this conversation. As seen in the new ad campaign, certain football moments are refreshing with Pepsi, but just do not let the drinking experience cause you to totally zone out.

Although a Pepsi and burger is a refreshing, no one wants to have the tailgating experience go up in flames. If you are going to man the grill, use care. Food delivery to a stadium parking lot might not be possible.

In another commercial, the experience might have a few people relating. That old phrase of “you make a better door than window” or Mike Meyers yelling “head” might come to mind.

This commercial stands as a reminder that proper football watching etiquette is important. There are very few occasions when a person should stand in front of a television during a game. Unless Heidi is breaking into the final minutes and people want to throw their cans at the screen, it is better to sit down.

This NFL season, it is time to chill the Pepsi, grab your favorite food and cheer on your team. After all, everything is better with Pepsi.