Stacy’s Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins is the perfect snacks

Stacy's Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins, photo provided by Stacy's
Stacy's Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins, photo provided by Stacy's /

Periodically, two flavors come together in the most innovative way. While snack brands have made the swap, sometimes the best flavor mash-ups have a meaning beyond the bag. With the new Stacy’s Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins, that first bite is more than just a sweet indulgence.

Stacy’s Pita Chips has long supported women entrepreneurs. The woman-founded business weaves the concept of “we rise” into its mission. Beyond providing a snack for any occasion, it is the message served with every bite that make opening a bag even more meaningful.

Through the Stacy’s Rise Project, the company has celebrated women, their strengths and the successes. By focusing on supporting each other, it ensures that a strong foundation from which to grow. While business success is one component, the reality is all aspects must come together to ensure the best possible outcome.

One of the tenants of the Girl Scouts is to give members the life skills to be strong leaders. While many people might think of the annual cookie sales as a tasty treat, it is much more. Coming together, selling, and mentoring season that annual event.

What is the basis for the Stacy’s Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins concept?

According to Rhasheda Boyd, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, “Stacy’s believes that when women rise, we all rise. And now, we’re expanding this idea by supporting these entrepreneurs in partnership with the Girl Scouts. We always seek to bring more meaning to everyday moments, whether through impactful actions for our community or unexpected and delicious new flavors. Just like our pita chips, this is an artfully crafted partnership that we are thrilled to share with our fans.”

While many people will grab a bag just because of the flavor combination, the reality is that the concept is more than just another tasty snack. Hopefully, there can be a conversation, sharing or connection while enjoying that treat.

Of course, the flavor has to deliver and luckily it does. As many people know, the crunch of the classic Thin Mint adds to the eating enjoyment. The sweet chocolate with the refreshing mint makes it difficult to stop eating at just a cookie or two.

While this snack does not have a chocolate coating, the chocolate flavor does come through. Plus, the thinness of the chip adds to the eating enjoyment. For people who love those Girl Scout cookies but want a little less sweet option, these pita chips are a must try.

And, since pita chips are often enjoyed dipped, consider some dessert hummus as a pairing. Sometimes it is permissible to enjoy double the treats.

The new Stacy’s Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins will be available in September. It will be available at various retailers for a limited time. In addition, Stacy’s has pledged a $50,000 donation to Girl Scouts.

What do you think of this special snack offering? Could you see more sweet collaborations in the future?