Luke Bryan gives fans a taste of his favorite snack with Boldly Grown Popcorn

Luke Bryan launches Boldly Grown Popcorn, photo provided by Fendt
Luke Bryan launches Boldly Grown Popcorn, photo provided by Fendt /

While Luke Bryan might enjoy a can or two of his Two Lane Lager, that beverage deserves a tasty food pairing. With his latest collaboration, the entertainment superstar brings together his love of farming and his favorite snack. Hungry for a taste of Boldly Grown Popcorn?

For some people, little thought is given to how food arrives on the plate. While the chef might be celebrated for the intricate combination of flavors and textures, the dish requires great ingredients in order for it to shine. The farmer and their harvest are vital to every part of life.

Although much can be said about farm to table and the benefit of fresh ingredients, farming is a different story. Long days, tireless effort and sometimes lack of support can make a difficult job even more cumbersome. But, without the farmers, life would not be as flavorful.

Luke Bryan has long sung about farming and that community. The award-winning entertainer has never shied away from putting the farm front and center. As seen with his recent Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour and Rise Before Sunrise in partnership with Fendt, the locales and conversations looked to spark a conversation beyond his memorable music.

Recently, Fendt and Bryan in collaboration with Merritt Pop Co. are adding another layer to the conversation. Boldly Grown Popcorn takes Bryan’s favorite snack from seed to bag.

As Bryan said, “I’ve sung about farming my entire career, so having the chance to work with Fendt to grow my favorite snack for my fans is pretty special. The strength, agility, precision, reliability, function, and comfort of my Fendt 724 Vario gives me the same confidence in the cab that I feel when I’m performing on the biggest stages. Hands down, it’s the perfect tractor for the job.”

The special Boldly Grown Popcorn is available in two flavors, Bold Butter and Chart Toppin’ Churro Flavors. The only place to purchase the limited-edition snack is on Each back is $5 and can be purchased starting August 25 at 12 p.m. EST.

Looking at the two flavors, the Bold Butter is a traditional choice. Still, the extra butter flavor makes the taste a little more indulgent. After all, no one wants to be searching the bag for that butter-great piece.

The Chart Toppin’ Churro Flavor is a nice twist. While churros are a favorite dessert, this sweeter offering is a nice twist from a kettle corn or caramel corn. This flavor is one to hide from the rest of the family.

While these farm-to-fan popcorns are limited edition offerings, it would be great to see more idea stemming from this collaboration. Sometimes sowing the seed to a great idea can come from bringing people around the table.

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Are you going to bag a bag or two? Do you think that more collaborations like this one could happen in the future?