Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022 celebrates the brand’s legacy

Old Forester Bourbon, photo provided by Old Forester
Old Forester Bourbon, photo provided by Old Forester /

For many people, the cumulation of another year is a reason to celebrate. Beyond the candles on the cake, the 365 days are more than just adding to the age. From lessons learned to character built, the glass might be considered more full than empty. With the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022, the unique offering is a reason to toast another memorable year.

Opening a bottle of special bourbon is more than just any pour. America’s spirit is rooted in the craft. While the process might only be understood by a few, the flavor that the craftsmanship imparts brings the nuance to the sip. Whether contemplated alone or enjoyed with a spirited conversation, that pour is meant to be savored.

Each year, Old Forester celebrates George Garvin Brown. While that name might not be as instantly recognizable as the name on the label, his decision to seal that bottle of whisky back in 1870 should be celebrated by bourbon drinkers. Each year, the brand celebrates his birthday with Birthday Bourbon.

For 22 years, the annual Birthday Bourbon has been part of Old Forester’s legacy. For the 2022 offering, the sale is being handled differently. Instead of offering the bottles for day at the distillery, Old Forester will be running a purchase sweepstakes. From August 24 through August 31, the event will give people nationwide the opportunity to purchase the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022.

Speaking to this special offering, Master Distiller Chris Morris said, “Birthday Bourbon holds a special place among Old Forester’s limited-releases, celebrating the legacy of the Brown family. We’re excited to open up the opportunity for bourbon lovers all over the country to get their hands on this beloved bourbon.”

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022, what to expect from the expression

While each Birthday Bourbon release is different, bourbon enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this year’s offering. Using 11-year old barrels, this bourbon has been described as having “exceptionally unique character.” According to the brand, the color will be a “dark amber with orange highlights.” Orange seems connect many aspects to this year’s offering.

The aroma has caramelized orange peel. In addition, the toasted and charred oak give way to a note of cedar. Even though there is a sweetness from the vanilla bean and a touch of cherry fruit, it seems that this offering will be bright, inviting and slightly invigorating.

Overall, the flavors balance a slight fruit note with “roasted coffee” and “dark chocolate.” While there are additional toasted notes and even some seasoned oak, the richness of the coffee and chocolate should pair well with the orange aromas.

Lastly, the finish is said to be immaculately smooth. While the dark chocolate might linger, the mouth feel should be velvety and maybe a touch luscious from the mocha.

For those bourbon drinkers lucky enough to purchase a bottle, the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2022 will be one to savor. “The 2022 Birthday Bourbon is presented at 96 proof.” A bottle has a suggested retail price of $149.99.