Jenny Mollen wraps up a simple school lunch with a nutritional boost

Whether people know her infamous Instagram account Dictator Lunches or have devoured her many books, Jenny Mollen often says the sentiments that parents have floating in their heads yet are unable to utter. As the kids head back to school, the battle over what to put in the lunchbox becomes heated. Isn’t it time to wrap up a nutritional and tasty lunch that will have even the pickiest eater saying yes please.

According to the “National Peanut Board, the average American child will consume 1,500 PB&Js before graduating high school.” While there can be variations on that classic sandwich, the boring factor can make it a little less than the best thing since sliced bread. Luckily with food innovations, new options can make the lunchbox a treat not a task.

Recently, Jenny Mollen partnered with Egglife Foods, the brand that innovated the traditional tortilla with a cage free egg swap for flour. While many adults appreciate the new approach to a wrap, kids can want a new taste as well. Instead of just another lunch that gets eye rolls versus applause, a little creativity can make a big difference.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Jelly Mollen about her Egglife partnership.

During our conversation, Mollen’s quick wit and real-life understanding of being a mom who knows how to adapt to the daily grind was clear. In her house, she appreciates that getting kids to eat the swap can be a little tricky. But, she said that Egglife has a “mild taste and fluffy texture” which makes it great to use and easily adaptable to many recipes.

As part of this partnership, Mollen shared several recipes that had a wide appeal to kids (and even some picky adults, too). From a Crunchy Raspberry Granola Wrap with an added texture to a fun Elvis which is a new breakfast twist, everyone might cheer when the plate hits the table.

For Mollen, her inspired lunches follow a type of paint by numbers approach. She explained that it has to have something that the kids want. Whether it is a sweet snack or a playful item, the balance is key to making the better choice an easy one. In some ways, she described it as putting a little “Easter egg” in the lunch box which makes it a great find within all the other items.

But, Mollen understands that no mom is perfect. While her social media feed might have those amazing lunches, she appreciates that some days just go sideways. As she said, “I might be winning at lunch, but I suck at other places.” Not everything is perfect, nor does it have to be.

One thing that has made meals easier in her house is finding foods that are versatile. The Egglife wraps are one of those items. Beyond the many ways to wrap up a dish, they can be transformed into tortillas or even made into pasta. For anyone who is up for a little culinary creativity, a package holds many possibilities.

And, even if Mollen is just like everyone else with chaotic days that can make her feel like she is at the end of her rope, she embraces the fact that she cannot have all the answers. Somedays the kids eat cake and that’s ok. There are plenty of other days where everything falls into place.

For now, whether it is one of the Egglife recipes that will have kids cheering to open the lunch box or creating a dish that is a riff on a traditional New York City lox on an everything bagel, the options are available. Maybe just putting a new idea on the plate can be the best decision of the day.

Available in five flavors, the Egglife egg white wraps have less than 35 calories, zero sugar, and contain less than one gram of carbohydrates. In addition, they are dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. The five flavors are original, southwest, everything bagel, Italian and sweet cinnamon.

Ready to wrap up a new approach to that same old recipe? It does not have to be picture perfect but it will be a tasty treat.