Chipotle The 88 Club celebrates new athlete inspired menu items

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As NFL season kicks off, the connection between food and football becomes more apparent. While many people plan the perfect tailgate or have their favorite football snack, the reality is that food is fuel. Although cheering for that expert pass or crushing tackle might not be as taxing as playing on the field, both require good food choices. With Chipotle The 88 Club, four football legends showcase new athlete inspired menu items that will curb any hunger.

Chipotle has had various athlete partnerships over the years. The US Women’s Soccer stars have shared their favorite dishes in the past. When food fuels great play, some athletes might want to go back to that same mealtime and again. Blending great flavor and maybe a touch of superstition, a favorite meal can be a game changer.

In the latest Chipotle athlete inspired menu items, the restaurant brand is inspired by some special players. While football fans might see the reference to the “88” in this football player commercial, others might need a little more explanation. The 88 Club refers to the players jerseys.

Check out this Chipotle The 88 Club spot.

According to Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer. “From youth to the pros, Chipotle is the training table for athletes. The ’88 Club’ was a special opportunity to bring legendary receivers together for the first time and shows athletes’ real love for Chipotle.”

While these “88” men might have blazed their own trail, others can order the players specially curated menu items. Whether people pick based on the player or the ingredients, the options are all tasty.

Here is the Chipotle’s The 88 Club menu:

CeeDee Lamb Bowl

  • White rice, half chicken, half steak, fresh tomato salsa, extra cheese, and Queso Blanco

Michael Irvin Bowl

  • Brown rice, black beans, chicken, fresh tomato salsa, cheese, lettuce, Queso Blanco on the side, and guac on the side

Dez Bryant Bowl

  • White rice, black beans, chicken, fresh tomato salsa, and cheese

Drew Pearson Tacos

  • Three soft flour tortillas with steak, romaine lettuce, and cheese

Looking at the menu items, the offerings are quite diverse and slightly different from other promotional menu items. Even if guac is still extra, the flavor combinations are robust.

In addition, these athlete inspired menu items show that customizing Chipotle offerings is key to guest enjoyment. From salsas to beans, everyone can have their perfectly plated dish.

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What is your go-to Chipotle meal? Do you have a signature dish?