Kellogg’s Instabowls cereal – no milk, no problem

Kellogg’s Instabowls, photo provided by Kellogg's
Kellogg’s Instabowls, photo provided by Kellogg's /

For many people, cereal is the food that starts the day. Over the years, that devotion to the bowl has expanded beyond the morning routine. Cereal is an anytime meal, a topping for a dessert, an ingredient in a myriad of recipes and much, much more. But, one thing has changed how people are digging into that bowl. With Kellogg’s Instabowls cereal, the traditional beverage poured into the bowl is not required.

Cereal and milk are a classic combination. It is like cookies and cream, spaghetti and meatballs or even biscuits and gravy. While there will always be a place for the bowl at the table, sometimes cereal lovers need a more convenient serving option. In that case, carrying a bottle of milk might not be the easiest option.

Kellogg’s Instabowls cereal is the solution to satisfying that cereal craving anywhere and everywhere because it only requires water. Described as pre-portioned bowls, the addition of cold water transforms into milk. Without going into the particulars, it is a simple, convenient solution to enjoying cereal anywhere and everywhere, without having to have a carton of milk within reach.

Granted, there are many people who eat cereal dry. Many cereal brands have pre-portioned bowls. But, for those who prefer to scoop up a complete bite, there is now another option.

According to Chris Stolsky, Marketing Director at Kellogg Company, “In recent years, there has been a huge trend toward portability for food, especially as busy schedules and life’s everyday curve balls prevent traditional sit-down meals. We created Kellogg’s Instabowls as an easy solution for the ‘anytime cereal break’ so you can now bring your favorite Kellogg’s cereals with you wherever life takes you and not have to worry about milk, dishes, or clean-up.”

Whether the Kellogg’s Instabowls are enjoyed for their convenience, flavor or something else, it fills a hole in the cereal market. Given that consumers want options, brands need to evolve to ensure that purchase loyalty. Although innovative flavors can get people talking, offering a solution to a need will keep people coming back to buy again and again.

As consumers get a first taste of these new Kellogg’s Instabowls, people will form their own opinion on the balance of convenience and flavor. If the concept is successful, it could be possible that other Kellogg’s cereals could get the “no milk, no problem” makeover.

Kellogg’s Instabowls are available in four flavors, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Raisin Bran Crunch. Currently, they are available at Walmart with a suggested retail price of $1.98 a bowl. Additional retailers will become available at a later date.

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What do you think of this cereal innovation? Are you ready to grab a spoon and get that first taste?