FRESCA Mixed shakes up the canned cocktail conversation in a refreshing way

New FRESCA Mixed, photo provided by FRESCA
New FRESCA Mixed, photo provided by FRESCA /

Some beverages hold a memory. Even though people can debate which brand is the best cola or which one pairs perfectly with any food, cracking that can is more than just another sip of refreshment. There is an inherent connection to picking a particular beverage. Fresca is that soda for some people. From grandpa telling stories by the lake to quiet summer afternoons, the bright, crisp sip was instantly refreshing. With the new FRESCA Mixed, cocktail hour just got easier.

Canned cocktails continue to have a moment. Whether people grab that can for convenience, flavor, or something else, the cocktail shaker is sometimes left on the shelf. Given that many beverage brands have created flavorful options of popular cocktails in a ready to drink option, people are opting the less hassle alternative.

While canned cocktails can help to keep half-drunk spirit bottles off the shelf and wasted mixers being poured down the drain, that can needs to be a flavorful, enjoyable substitute. For the cocktail drinker, no one wants to sip on a watered-down alternative to the real deal.

Although some master mixologists have ultra-creative sippers that impress with layered flavors and stunning visuals, the at-home drinker can be a little more simple. Classics like a vodka soda, paloma, and others are some people’s go-to drinks. But, even those somewhat simplistic choices can be difficult to enjoy at the lake, tailgate or other event. The canned cocktail offered that simple solution.

What are the FRESCA Mixed canned cocktails?

For some people, FRESCA is more than just a bright, refreshing grapefruit. It is their preferred mixer. Instead of a tonic, club soda or other sweeter beverage, the classic soda brings a touch of zestiness to the sipper.

The new FRESCA Mixed canned cocktails take that soft drink and turn it into a cocktail, in a convenient format. Available in Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma, the two options are classics that ensure the classic FRESCA taste is front and center.

As Dan White, Chief of New Revenue Streams, The Coca-Cola Company North America said, “We know that FRESCA drinkers today use the beverage as a mixer with alcohol spirits to create their favorite cocktails, in addition to enjoying it as a soft drink. With the Constellation Brands teams’ consumer-first approach and distilled beverage expertise, coupled with the delicious and classic grapefruit FRESCA recipe created by The Coca-Cola Company, we believe people are going to be curious and excited to try the new FRESCA Mixed canned cocktails as soon as it hits shelves.”

Looking at the two flavor options, the Tequila Paloma was an obvious choice. FRESCA has long been used in a paloma. The grapefruit with the blanco tequila is quite enjoyable. Whether enjoyed on a hot day, a brunch alternative to a mimosa, or served with some tacos, there is always a reason to enjoy this cocktail.

The Vodka Spritz is a simple, classic option. This canned cocktail is a nice choice for someone who wants a little more flavor than a vodka soda.

The new FRESCA Mixed canned cocktails will be available starting this month at various retailers. The beverages are sold in 4-packs or 12 oz cans. While prices may vary, the suggested retail price is $9.99.