US Tennis player Taylor Fritz shares his secret for balanced eating, interview

Taylor Fritz, photo provided by Optimum Nutrition
Taylor Fritz, photo provided by Optimum Nutrition /

As one of the top US tennis players, Taylor Fritz appreciates that performance in a match comes from dedication on and off the court. From hours in the gym to honing that serve on the practice court, Fritz has put in the work. Even if a tournament’s outcome is not the desired result, he appreciates that each step of the journey reaps its reward.

Recently, Taylor Fritz spoke to FoodSided about his training, nutrition and the occasional cheat day. All that activity requires balanced eating choices. Even when that splurge comes, it does not derail all the hard work. While that let cord can be a touch of luck, it does not mean that results can be wished true. Luckily, Fritz has a secret weapon in his racket bag.

Although every tournament is different, some of those long, five set matches during a Grand Slam can take a toll. Once a player steps onto the court, he needs to be ready.

When asked about how he keeps his body and health in good shape over a tournament, Fritz shared, “It gets pretty difficult at times. We have such a grueling schedule throughout the year and sometimes injuries or ailments compound, but I do my best to stay in shape, eat healthy, get regular and adequate recovery so I can stay loose during long matches. I do a lot of work in the gym, but one of the most important things I can do is focus heavily on core work. People don’t always realize it, but it is really the most important thing you can do to prevent injury and is the basis for almost all primary movement in tennis.”

That strong core might be help one of Fritz’s biggest weapons, his serve. Fritz comments, “I do think my serve is my biggest weapon on the court. And maybe also being able to really set aside nerves in high pressure moments. That is usually when I play my best.”

Even though that big serve can get him a quick point or can be a game changer, it is only one element to his success. Fritz relies on some key food choices to help fuel his activities.

Fritz said, “For me, it’s all about hydration. I drink a lot of water, very cold water, and fluids with electrolytes. I also drink Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Shakes in chocolate daily. I love the chocolate flavor that helps satisfy my sweet tooth. The shakes taste amazing and gives me 24 grams of protein to help my muscles recover quickly.”

But, it does not mean that a cheat day is totally out of the question. Even professional athletes need that splurge.

Fritz shared, “I typically have a cheat day after an event or when I have some time off. I actually think they are super important. You can’t deprive yourself. I love In and Out Burger.”

Although the US Open has now passed, New York City is a special stop for Fritz. He said, “I really love this city and there’s always so much to do. In between training, my goal is to hang out with my family and visit some good restaurants that I’ve been told I must try. Really, I just love the energy and the people. I feel like I can just walk around, take a stroll through Central Park and stumble upon something delicious or cool without even planning on it. I think that’s the best part of New York.”

While many people could dream of hitting that powerful ace or driving the cross court forehand for the winner, anyone can make some balanced eating choices like Taylor Fritz. Hydration, Optium Nutrition Protein Shakes and even the occasional splurge can be the food choices that set anyone on the path to success.