Van Leeuwen changes the spice conversation for its new fall collection

New Van Leeuwen ice cream flavors, photo provided by Van Leeuwen
New Van Leeuwen ice cream flavors, photo provided by Van Leeuwen /

While pumpkin spice might have taken over store shelves, the Van Leeuwen fall ice cream collection takes spice in a different direction. Instead of churning a conversation on fall baking spices, it has brought the heat to the bowl. Ready to scoop up a new dash of deliciousness?

Van Leeuwen has never been afraid to offer a creative take on ice cream, especially with its nod to savory flavors. From mac and cheese to Grey Poupon, ice cream does not always have to be sweet-focused. Sometimes the perfect pint makes dessert lovers think before they scoop.

For the new Van Leeuwen fall ice cream collection available at Walmart, the flavors included Mexican Hot Chocolate with Tapatío Hot Sauce, Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole, Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll, Wildberry Layer Cake. In addition, favorite core flavors of Strawberry, Hazelnut Fudge Cookie and Honeycomb are available. While some flavors sound like a dish from a holiday dinner, the one flavor which could spark a heated debate is the Tapatio Hot Sauce.

Chocolate and spice have piqued people’s interest previously. A hint of chili flake in a truffle can make that sweetness quite enjoyable. Similar to how salt brings out the sweetness in a caramel, the heat can round out the chocolate. Even the spice adverse have come to enjoy this flavor combination.

For those unfamiliar with Mexican Hot Chocolate, the flavor is sweet and spicy. Not a mouth scorcher, the heat entices another taste. For this dessert offering, the Mexican Hot Chocolate with Tapatio Hot Sauce combines chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl and marshmallows. The Tapatio Hot Sause amplifies the flavor and adds to the eating enjoyment.

Even though this offering might not be as “out of the pint” as the previous offerings, it invites people to take a different approach to dessert. Not every meal needs to end on a sweet note.

Van Leeuwen fall ice cream flavors at Walmart
New Van Leeuwen ice cream flavors, photo provided by Van Leeuwen /

Looking at the other offerings, the Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll should be the pint that everyone wants to try. While pumpkin lovers cannot get enough of the seasonal flavor, this combination with a cinnamon roll might be the perfect comfort food. It could even make the argument for ice cream for breakfast.

Lastly, the Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole might be the ice cream to keep aside for the holidays. Although that Thanksgiving side dish might be a little controversial, this dessert could change how people look at the humble sweet potato. A tuber dessert might be the food trend that could take over the freezer.

The Van Leeuwen fall ice cream collection is available now, while supplies last. Check with local Walmart stores for availability.