Hershey’s gives everyone permission to open that Halloween candy bag

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

For some people, the calendar ushers in certain events. Others prefer to rely on the change in weather. And, a few people kick the traditions to the curb and march to their own drummer. At Hershey’s, the iconic brand thinks that the spooky season does not have to wait for October to come. It is time to open that Halloween candy bag now.

Over the past several years, traditions have changed. Whether it is the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte coming in August or the holiday advent calendar being purchased in November, the reality is that specific dates are like birthdays. You can have a single day celebration, or you can celebrate another year as long as you like.

With Halloween, the spooky season is getting longer. Events like Halloween Horror Nights and other special events begin around Labor Day. Even if the temperatures are soaring, the screams from the frights are not deterred.

Hershey’s understands that the Halloween candy bag can be hard to resist. As soon as the treats arrive on store shelves, they go into the cart. Even if a bag or two are locked away in the pantry, no one wants to have an empty candy bowl for that Trick or Treat night.

According to Alyssa Smith, Senior Manager, Halloween at The Hershey Company. “We know spotting that first bag of Halloween candy, whether it’s Hershey’s, Reese’s or KIT KAT®, is a seasonal thrill for our fellow Halloween superfans. Finding out that a majority of people want to begin their Halloween celebrations before October was not surprising for us, but it ignited a spark for us to get the party started early.”

Per a recent Hershey’s survey, it was determined that “70% of parents with children under 18 believe that it is socially acceptable to start celebrating Halloween before October.” Whether that celebration is enjoying that KIT KAT, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or something else is unclear. Still, it seems that the spooky September is a thing. From decorations to food, Halloween celebrations are not just limited to October.

To help everyone kick off the Halloween celebrations, Hershey’s will be offering the Halloween Starter Kit. Select fans will win the prize which includes “Halloween décor, crafts, candy and more.” More information on how to enter can be found on Hershey’s social media accounts.

As fans showcase their chilling celebrations, Hershey’s is ready to fill the candy bowl with both classic and new options. From the favorite seasonal offerings from iconic brands to classics, there is a treat for everyone.

And, the new Hershey’s Halloween Props Milk Chocolate Bars are the perfect treat. These bars featuring six different images will ensure that every photo captured is one that will have people talking.

Are you ready for the spooky season? Which Halloween candy bag is always in your pantry?