Baileys S’mores toasts to dessert in both the sippable and edible form

Bailey's S'mores, photo provided by Bailey's
Bailey's S'mores, photo provided by Bailey's /

For some people, s’mores, with the gooey marshmallow, crisp graham cracker and rich chocolate, is the perfect dessert. Even though people can debate over the preferred level of marshmallow doneness, the classic flavor combination is delicious by the campfire, around the table, or just about anywhere. With the new Baileys S’mores, the classic dessert flavor has been transformed into the most delectable way.

Many people turn to Baileys Irish Cream as a sweet ending to a meal. Whether drunk over ice, poured over ice cream, or shaken into a cocktail, the luscious liquor is a classic.

Recently, the popular spirit has adopted other flavors. Earlier this year, a limited edition Colada offering showcased how the liquor could adapt a tropical note. Adding a rich flavor to a variety of cocktails and even desserts, it took the Emerald Isle a little further south.

For fall, the Baileys S’mores brings that classic flavor combination to the traditional spirit. With hints of toasted marshmallow, luscious chocolate and sweet graham cracker, those flavors seamless blend into the traditional Irish Cream.

According to Stacey Cunningham, Director of Baileys & Liqueurs, Diageo North America, “As s’mores are more popular than ever, we’re thrilled to introduce Baileys S’mores to help consumers (21+) enjoy the nostalgic treat while providing new and unique ways to indulge. We encourage consumers to celebrate the ‘season’ responsibly and treat themselves to Baileys S’mores with friends and family.”

Thinking of this new spirit, it would be a fun addition to an adult hot chocolate. As the chilly weather hits, the flavors would perk up that simple drink. Or, even it could an ingredient in a s’mores martini for a more elevated sipper.

To get some easy inspiration for this latest offering, the Baileys S’mores Kit has everything for a whimsical evening, with no fire required. From the Baileys infused marshmallows to the ingredients for a Baileys S’mores cocktail, it might be the new date night idea to enjoy while binge watching that new Netflix show.

The Baileys S’mores Kit is available on Goldbelly and the liquor is available at various retailers. Both are available while supplies last.