Omaha Steaks Craft Cuts invite home cooks to explore the flavor beyond the filet

Omaha Steaks new cuts, photo provided by Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks new cuts, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

Many people have turned to Omaha Steaks for their protein needs. From that well-marbled ribeye to a perfectly portioned filet, home cooks appreciate the quality in every box. Now the iconic brand slices new cuts to be enjoyed. The Omaha Steaks Craft Cuts reveal the flavorful secret that butchers have known for a long time.

For many people, Omaha Steaks is the trusted name that brings quality cuts of meat to the home freezer. While home cooks need to execute the cooking of these particular proteins, the starting point gives them an advantage. A quality product is the first step to a delicious meal.

As home cooks learn to master cooking the traditional, or more common, cuts of meat, there is more to explore. Many butchers and chefs appreciate that several other cuts hold even more flavor. It might even be said that these lesser used options are a secret that some foodies wish was not revealed.

Omaha Steaks Flanken Short Ribs
Omaha Steaks Flanken Short Ribs, photo provided by Omaha Steaks /

The Omaha Steaks Craft Cuts celebrate three options that are favorites with chefs. They are Hanger Steak, Bavette Steak, and Flanken-Style Short Ribs. While these cuts might require a little more cooking care, the flavor will impress.

With the cooler months around the corner, the Flanken-Style Short Ribs offer a robust flavor. Often used in Korean cuisine, the meaty ribs are well marbled yet trimmed of heavy fat.

The key to deriving the most flavor from these short ribs is to cook them slowly. By allowing the fat to render, it imparts that flavor into every bite. It is luscious and completely delicious. Even though this cut might not be found at the grocery store, it is one that many foodies will want to add to their Omaha Steaks cart.

For people who love a skirt steak but want to try something new, the Hanger Steak is a great option. Considered a butcher’s steak, the 28 day aged offering has a strong beef forward flavor.

With this cut, the steak is often seasoned with a marinade. Given the cut’s coarse grain, it can absorb much more flavor. Grilled to a medium-rare, that tender beef almost melts.

Lastly, the Bavette Steak is a cut that some people may have never enjoyed. While quite lean, the thin steak has a strong beefy quality. Whether it is the aging or the cooking method, it is a steak that deserves a second look.

The Omaha Steaks Craft Cuts are available on the website now. Prices vary depending on amount purchased. This offering is available for a limited time.