Sam’s Club releases its boozy Advent Calendars to toast a festive season

Sam's Club boozy Advent Calendars, photo provided by Sam's Club
Sam's Club boozy Advent Calendars, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Even though the holiday season might be a little far away, it is time to start making those special purchases. Sam’s Club has placed its boozy Advent Calendars on the shelf. Beer, wine and spirits are waiting to toast that special occasion.

Advent calendars have become a hot commodity during the holidays. Whether opening that door is a daily moment of self-care or the treats are saved for a larger celebratory moment, there is nothing more gratifying than receiving a special gift leading up to Christmas Day.

Although the Advent calendars have become a December tradition, ensuring that one is waiting for that first day of the month comes earlier and earlier. Just like pumpkin spice season starts in August, Advent calendars start appearing even before the spooky music starts playing for Halloween.

Sam’s Club has just rolled out its three offerings for the holidays. Beer, wine and spirits are part of this year’s offerings. The question might not be which one will you choose but which door will you open first.

Sam’s Club boozy Advent Calendars 2022

Beer Advent Calendar

While the cicerone might have a few special bottles to open for the holiday, this selection of American brewed beer is a way to explore the diversity of the craft. With 24 different styles, it is a way to appreciate the difference between a lager, IPA and even that robust stout.

Priced at $38.96, it is a great deal. Plus, it is always good to have more than just another light lager in the fridge for when company unexpectedly drops by during the holiday season.

Member’s Mark Spirits Advent Calendar 

Ready to put your cocktail skills to work? The Member’s Mark Spirits Advent Calendar is a way to open the possibilities to a variety of spirits. For 24 days, the door opens to a bottle of American Vodka, French Vodka, Gin, Spiced Rum, or Tequila. Plus, the box offers a QR code that suggests a variety of cocktail recipes. Whether people shake up one of those cocktails or bring their own creativity to the glass, it is best to have some ice ready.

The Member’s Mark Spirits Advent Calendar retails for $21.98.

Sip ‘n Sample

Although not a traditional Advent calendar, this at home wine tasting kit might be the hit of the holiday season. A new offering from Sam’s Club, the kit includes six 375ml bottles of wine. Each bottle is about two glasses.

Since this new offering is a tasting kit, the bottles do not reveal the specific varietal on the label. The idea is to taste without a preconceived notion of what aromas, flavors, and notes should be enjoyed. After enjoying those first sips, the QR code directs people to a site where a sommelier explains the wine, pairings and more.

For anyone who wants to learn more about wine or just wants an engaging idea to enjoy with friends, the Sip ‘n Sample is a great idea. Priced at $34.98, it is a must have this holiday season.

Santa might not have left the North Pole yet, but the holiday spirit is making its way across store shelves. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these boozy Advent Calendars from Sam’s Club. After all, no one wants to be on the naughty list.