Another Little Debbie cereal is about to hit store shelves

Kellogg's and Little Debbie third cereal collaboration, photo provided by Kellogg's
Kellogg's and Little Debbie third cereal collaboration, photo provided by Kellogg's /

When the lunch box had a Little Debbie treat nestled under the sandwich, the day just got better. While people can debate which treat is the sweetest, the reality is that the classic snacks are always welcome. Now the brand is back with Kellogg’s to transform another favorite treat into a Little Debbie cereal. The third time is definitely a charm.

Recent food trends have shown a slant on nostalgia. While it might not be the same as grandma’s iconic cookies baking in the oven, classic store-bought treats can reference a childhood memory. From the lunch box to an after-school snack, those foods were uncomplicated. No one worried about the consequences of eating a dessert. It was all about that pure enjoyment.

The cereal bowl has captured that sweet simplicity in every spoonful. Beyond the Saturday morning cartoons and an open cereal box satisfies in many ways. A little fun, an easy choice and just plain tasty, the meal makes people happy.

Recently, Kellogg’s and Little Debbie have collaborated on several cereal offerings. The first was Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies followed by Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies Cereal. Now, the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Cereal joins the line-up.

As Sadie Garcia, director of brand marketing at Kellogg All Family Cereal said, “Since dropping our first two Little Debbie cereals, fans have been hungry to see Kellogg transform more Little Debbie snacks into cereal. Our newest collaboration brings the iconic Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars to the breakfast table for the first time ever.”

The new Little Debbie cereal captures the aroma and flavor of the iconic treat. From the slightly roasted peanut butter to the sweetness of the chocolate, opening the box builds the anticipation for that first spoonful. With the added crunch, it captures that that classic texture as well.

Even though this cereal is quite enjoyable simply served with milk, it lends itself to a variety of dessert options. From a simple dessert topping to transforming the flavor into a recipe, the options are many.

The new Little Debbie cereal will be available at Walmart beginning in October. Additional retailers will be added in December.