Subway refreshes the soup and sub combo in a flavorful way

Subway Soups, photo provided Subway
Subway Soups, photo provided Subway /

After giving its sub menu a refresh, the Subway soup and sub combo is getting a makeover. While many people may look forward to that cookie as a sweet ending, the promise of a rich, satisfying soup might be the comfort food that makes the cooler months more bearable. Ready for soup season?

While many people have a favorite Subway sub, the quick service restaurant may not be known for its soup. Although it is a popular side, the menu items have received a recipe makeover. Now, the soup moves from an afterthought to a front and center option.

According to Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation at Subway, the brand wanted to “step up their soup.” Specifically commenting, “The Subway culinary team spent more than a year in our test kitchen tweaking our recipes to pack even more flavor into our fan-favorite side, and we can’t wait for America to taste the difference.”

Subway soups
Subway Soups, photo provided Subway /

Which Subway soup gets warms your taste buds?

The three Subway soup options on the menu are: Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup, Broccoli Cheddar Soup and Loaded Baked Potato Soup. Each flavor is a classic option. The difference with these revamped recipes is that the flavor profiles are more pronounced and heartier.

Looking at the Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup, there is more all-white meat chicken and vegetables. It plays up the homestyle description with its texture. It might not be mom’s soup, but it is one that satisfies.

The Broccoli Cheddar Soup makes it easy for guests to feel good about eating that green vegetable. The creamy cheddar cheese with the broccoli florets is a classic but feels revitalized in an almost decadent way.

Lastly, the Loaded Baked Potato Soup is the comfort food that feels like a warm hug. With more bacon, cream cheese and red potatoes, that combination of smoky, hearty, and creamy is perfection on that chilly day.

Thinking about these three Subway soup options, they pair well with almost anything on the refreshed sub menu. From a Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup with one of the new Subway Series options or the Loaded Baked Potato Soup with that Classic Turkey, the combinations can go in many directions.

The revitalized soup recipes are part of the brand’s menu revamp that began earlier this year. They can be found on menus now. In addition, there is a Souped Up offer available in October for those people who signed up for the offer.