Traeger and WhistlePig heat up new offerings in their collaboration

WhistlePig Whiskey and Traeger collab, photo provideb by Traegar
WhistlePig Whiskey and Traeger collab, photo provideb by Traegar /

For many people, the enticing aroma from a smoker is sets the anticipation for a great meal. The idea of slow and low controlled cooking is a celebration of craft. A similar connotation can be applied to a WhistlePig and its line of rye whiskeys. Often considered the most awarded rye in the world, the Vermont based company appreciates that the past offers the foundation that allows the present to evolve. Continuing its partnership that began with SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey, Traeger and Whistle Pig have new consumables that many people cannot wait to enjoy.

Launched today, Traeger added new consumables in collaboration with WhistlePig. These are Whiskey Barrel Pellet Blend, Whiskey Hog BBQ Sauce, and Whiskey Dust BBQ rub. While the idea might be forged in fire, the flavor finds the perfect balance of bold and approachable. From the pellet smoker to the campfire, these offerings show how smoke and bourbon go hand in hand.

For Traeger owners, the Whiskey Barrel Pellet Blend will be a must purchase. Made from WhiskeyPig whiskey barrels, the liquor’s flavor adds another layer to those smoked recipes. A hint of sweetness, a touch of oak, and a little sweetness, it will make any dish spectacular.

With a little more subtle approach, the Whiskey Dust BBQ rub can work with a variety of proteins. While the whiskey flavor is clear, that hint of maple sugar is alluring. Consider using this rub on pork, chicken or even salmon. The combination of smoky, whiskey and maple sugar will quickly become a favorite.

Lastly, the Whiskey Hog BBQ Sauce can amp up the flavor in any recipe. A unique taste that needs to be enjoyed to fully appreciate, it could become a secret grilling weapon. No one has to know that this BBQ sauce isn’t a personal recipe.

The Traeger and WhistlePig offering are available now. The prices range from $10.99 for the BBQ sauce and rub and $24.99 for the Pellet Blend. The Traeger website has suggested recipes as well as some cocktail pairings, like the signature WhistlePig cocktail make with PiggyBack Rye Whiskey.