Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices celebrate the favorite autumnal fruit

New Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices photo provided by Bud Light
New Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices photo provided by Bud Light /

While some people might think that gourds are great, the favorite autumnal fruit is clear. From bobbing to caramel coated to filling that perfect pie, everyone is falling for apples. Luckily, the fall fruit is front and center in the new Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices.

Even before the first chill is felt, some beverage brands have harvested the pumpkin flavors. From that latte to dessert to taking over the aroma in the home, it seems that food has an orange color tinge. But, some people are over the gourd. According to Bud Light, a new survey said “59% of people 21+ prefer their pumpkins either in the patch or on the porch, not in their food and drinks.”

With that idea in mind, Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices is waiting to push the pumpkin off the shelf and give prime space to the golden delicious bounty from the orchard. The multi-pack offers four flavors in the limited-edition pack. While it might not be the same as the apple a day saying, these beverages deliver a crips, refreshing sip.

As Steve Wolf, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light Extensions said, “Bud Light Seltzer is an expert in creating the loudest flavors ever and the one thing we know for certain is that pumpkin flavor has gone too far. That’s why this fall, we’re asking fans to look beyond the patch of pumpkin spice products and #ChooseAppleSlices with the addition of our limited-edition Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices Variety Pack. The crisp, bold flavor of this pack is the perfect accompaniment to every fall drinking occasion, certain to bring the fun – and the flavor – all season long.

What are the new Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices flavors?

The four flavors in the limited-edition variety pack are: Crisp Apple, Cranberry Apple, Strawberry Apple, and Peach Mango Apple. The curated collection has a great balance between traditional flavors and unexpected twists.

The Crisp Apple offers a clean, fruity taste. With a slightly tart note from the green apple forward flavor, there is a sweetness in the aroma. Whether served over ice with an apple slice or combined with an apple cider for a twist on a mimosa, the classic flavor will quickly become a favorite.

A classic combination, the cranberry apple brings the sweet and tart. While the flavor starts a touch sweet, it ends with that bright, tart note. That finish invites another sip. Thinking about this flavor, it would be great in a punch or even paired with a slice of apple pie.

In an unlikely pairing, the strawberry apple uses a tart pink lady apple flavor to balance the strawberry sweetness. Consider pairing this flavor with some biscuits or a slightly heavier dish. The sweetness can cut through the richness of a dish.

Lastly, the Peach Mango Apple pushes the flavor boundaries. Blending apple with a tropical mango and the classic stone fruit is the flavor that everyone needs to try. It is juicy, slightly sweet and bright. While mango and peach might not be fall flavors, the combination brings a burst of zest to that chilly fall day.

The Bud Light Seltzer Apple Slices are available now. They are sold in 12 oz. slim cans in a variety 12-packs.