Burger King says You Rule when you order your way at BK

Burger King You Rule new commercial, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King You Rule new commercial, photo provided by Burger King /

While the flamed grilled Whopper might be a Burger King staple, the quick service restaurant is evolving how guests perceive the brand. The classic concept your way at BK is getting a new spin through the Reclaim the Flame initiative. It is time to celebrate You Rule.

Most quick service restaurants have a particular slogan or slant. From Fast Food Done Right to I’m Loving It, each quick turn of the phrase brings a particular visual and flavor to mind. In some ways, that concept is just as important as the food itself.

When Burger King announced its Reclaim the Flame campaign, the ideas looked to push the company forward without discarding the past. Specifically, these ideas seek to blend the classic concepts of Flame Grilling and Have It Your Way with new elements that could attract a diverse audience.

In a recent company announcement, Burger King evolves the Your Way to You Rule. When guests get what they want how they want it, it is the crowning achievement for everyone.

As seen in the new ad, the You Rule concept is meant to be catchy, engaging, and a touch nostalgic. Without losing the sentiment that makes a Whopper great or the variety in the menu, the hope is to invigorate the quick service restaurant experience.

People want to be engaged. Even if they are part of the group, they do not want to lose their individuality. This You Rule concept seems to lean into that idea.

Given that Burger King feels that its guests are royalty, this You Rule concept seeks to put that sentiment front and center. Whether it is customizing that chicken sandwich, creating specific menu pairings, or just getting that favorite order every time, the guest decrees what should be in their bag.

As people hear the new concept, it will be interesting to see if the jingle resonates. The song is catchy, it might be an earworm, but will it convert into increased loyalty or sales. Only time will tell.

For now, take the positivity and run with it. Burger King says You Rule and it might be the mantra that can be applied beyond the drive-thru lane.

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What do you think of the new tagline? Do you think that it hits the right note for Burger King fans?