ALDI shopping brings accessible joy without compromise because it’s a thing

ALDI Tiny Billboards promo, photo provided by ALDI
ALDI Tiny Billboards promo, photo provided by ALDI /

From overflowing carts to having that quarter at the ready, ALDI shopping comes with certain knowns. While many people proudly show off their overflowing carts with the best ALDI Finds, the reality is that the weekly (or more) food, beverage and more haul is more than just stocking the home pantry. The concept of It’s an ALDI Thing comes down to the sentiment of accessible joy without compromise.

Every day, the worry over food costs, inflation, rising interest rates and a myriad of other economic woes has many people feeling overwhelmed. It is more than just choosing to skip that coffee run on a Tuesday. It can be choosing between steak and another pasta dinner.

For the past five years, ALDI has been ranked number one in price by Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index Report. While that statistic might not be the headline in the weekly sales flyer, shoppers appreciate the designation when they pay for all the items in the cart.

As seen in the new advertising, the Tiny Billboards celebrate how shoppers are intentionally saving money. While this expense reduction can help the bottom line, it goes back to the sentiment that ALDI shoppers know. Finding great deals are all around, people just have to look for them.

While these Tiny Billboards will be scattered in cities like Atlanta, Dallas and Minneapolis, ALDI fans can create the own version sharing their own ALDI shopping sentiments. After all, one of the reasons for the loyalty is the customer engagement.

How will ALDI shopping get spirited this holiday season?

Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, ALDI is using one of its favorite products to celebrate all the tiny things that make the spirited season great. With the help of its iconic gnomes, those adorable figures will help usher in the season.

According to ALDI, there will be “over 1,199 new holiday products.” As seen during the fall, those items range from seasonal food items to décor to everything in between. Even the expanded 2022 ALDI Advent Calendars will have people shopping early this year. It’s an ALDI Thing might fill Santa’s wish list.

Even if the overall money spent during the holiday season might be less, ALDI will make that dollar stretch farther. From food to gifts to a little extra sparkle, ALDI and its gnomes are ready to spread some holiday cheer.

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