This historic dessert has quite a tasty legacy

Omni Parker House is celebrating National Boston Cream Pie Day, photo providedy Omni Parker House
Omni Parker House is celebrating National Boston Cream Pie Day, photo providedy Omni Parker House /

While some people subscribe to the food mantra eat dessert first, the idea of a sweet ending to a meal may not be lost on everyone. Although the recipe book is filled with decadent delights, some desserts have stood the test of time. One historic dessert serves a little lesson with every slice.

Dating back almost 165 years, the Boston Cream Pie is a dessert that has delighted yet confused many people time and again. Although the name refers to a pie, the dessert has some cake like properties. In truth, the specific dessert is neither a cake nor a pie. It is unlikely its own creation.

The Omni Parker House, in Boston, Massachusetts, originated the Boston Cream Pie in 1856. While this sweet treat was served at the hotel’s opening, the dessert has become legendary. Serving as Massachusetts’s official state dessert, it has many people deeming it “wicked good.”

But, the questions still remain about this historic dessert. While not a pie nor a cake, the flavors are classic. The luscious pastry cream contrasting the rich dark chocolate is a flavor pairing mimicked in a variety of other sweet treats. Who hasn’t had a Boston Cream doughnut?

Still, the key to a great recipe is the cake portion. With just the right crumb, the contrast of flavors and textures makes each bite a divine eating experience.

Given that many popular desserts have their own National Food Day, Omni Parker House will be celebrating Boston Cream Pie Day on October 23 by giving away the original version of the historic dessert. According to the hotel, Pastry Chef Laura Boyd-Figueroa and the culinary team will serve complimentary Boston Bream Pies on October 21 from 3-5 p.m. In addition, dining guests can receive the free dessert at the restaurants with purchase of an entrée. Additional, details can be found on the hotel’s website.

For anyone who may not be in Boston on the National Food Day, the Omni Parker House has shared its classic recipe. It might take a deft hand to master this dual dessert, but it is a flavor that impresses many people.

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