5 Spooky snack recipes casting a delicious spell over Halloween parties

Frito-Lay Halloween recipes, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Frito-Lay Halloween recipes, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

While some people might want some mummy hot dogs before Trick or Treating, that dish is not the only food on the menu. These spooky snack recipes will have everyone ready to sit a spell and enjoy a bite or two. It is time to cast a spell over those favorite Frito-Lay snacks and enjoy the results.

Many people love their favorite Frito-Lay snacks. Whether they are eaten straight from the bag, paired with a particular food, or transformed into a recipe, there are numerous ways for that snack food to be enjoyed.

Around Halloween, many people think of candy. Given the plethora of treats that fill the bag, many home cooks have found ways to transform those leftovers. But, if snacks are part of the celebration, shouldn’t the entire bag be used and not a crumb left behind?

What are some spooky snack recipes for Halloween?

Frito-Lay shared five spooky snack recipes that will be a hit all Halloween season. Whether served at a party, the big night, or just because, these dishes take those favorite flavors and present them in a new way. Instead of being frightened by idea, it is time to wave a wand and make those snack dreams a reality.

Halloween Smartfood Popcorn Monsters

Popcorn balls have long been a favorite at Halloween. These colorful little monsters bring a little sweetness to that Smartfood popcorn. Just make sure to have some paper towels ready when making them. The final result is quite tasty, but the process can be a little sticky.

Rold Gold Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks

Pretzels might be one of the most versatile snacks for recipe creation as well as an easy visual enhancer. This simple idea that transforms pretzels and cheese. For anyone making a Halloween board, this idea might be the centerpiece.

Cheetos Cauldron of Skeletreats

Sweet and salty is always a tasty combination. This Cheetos recipe brings together the classic snack and marshmallows. Plus, the visual is pretty impressive.

Paranormal Bites

Sometimes it is time to think outside of the snack bag. These Paranormal Bites use the Tostitos Scoops in a dessert. The creamy lime-flavored filling might look a little creepy, but it should not be passed over. A touch sweet and a little tangy, it will have everyone talking.

Doritos Halloween Pumpkin Cheeseball Recipe

Who doesn’t love a cheeseball? The classic dish has never gone out of style, but this recipe gets an extra flavor kick. Plus, this idea is an easy way to use up any broken Doritos pieces in a bag.

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What are some spooky snack recipes that fill your Halloween table? Do you have some traditional foods that are served every season?