Clam-O-Naise is the condiment that no one realized they needed

Clam-o-naise, photo provided by Cards Against Humanity
Clam-o-naise, photo provided by Cards Against Humanity /

Food trends come in all flavors, directions and inspirations. While no one could have predicted the butter board, pink sauce or a long list of other food options, the reality is that people cannot resist that first taste. Whether they take a second or third bite could be another story. With the new Clam-O-Naise, the unique condiment has a little extra inside waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes the unexpected can lead to great food discoveries. While this concept of clam flavored mayonnaise may have started as a curious creation, the concept has found its way to store shelves. Created by Cards Against Humanity, the condiment has hit Target stores and many people cannot resist making that purchase.

According to the brand, each jar features “a unique prize and a pack of 30 all-new Cards Against Humanity cards inside every jar. While some people know what to expect with the playing cards, the prizes vary. Long John Silver’s shared that “Customers can win real pearls, clam-themed vacations, a one-of-a-kind Toyota Clamry, and 1,500 lucky customers will win a $5 gift card to Long John Silver’s.”

Whether the novelty, the Cards Against Humanity Cards or the prizes entice people to make a purchase, the reality is that people have bought a jar. As seen on Reddit, the reaction is swift. Although there can be some packaging issues, a few users recommended making sandwiches, dipping in fries, and a few other unusual items.

Clam-o-naise mug
Clam-o-naise, photo provided by Cards Against Humanity /

The Clam-O-Naise website states the condiment has a flavor similar to Clams Casino. While a traditional mayonnaise base, there are additional notes of garlic, lemon, spices and, of course, clams. Whether or not this condiment is as clam forward as Clamato is up for debate.

Still, there can be many uses in the kitchen. Think about the condiment on a burger or a sauce for fish. Just like mayonnaise can keep a fish moist, this flavor could be a nice complement.

While people will react to this new food offering, the reality is that it has people talking because the whole concept embraces the snarky side and does not take itself too seriously. Sure, there could be some creative uses in the kitchen, but Cards Against Humanity has never shied away from pushing the envelope to the darker side. Sometimes food needs to be served with a side of snarky.

And, for those people who cannot get enough of the Clam-O-Naise, there is a full food fashion line waiting to fill the void. From coffee mugs to apparel, fans can show the world their love of the bivalve. Sometimes sweet, a little salty but there is something to be said about the presumed first species that ever lived.

Tempted to buy a jar of Clam-O-Naise? It is $9.99 at Target stores and online.

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