Have you scheduled your OREO THINVITE into your workday?

OREO THINVITE, photo provided by OREO
OREO THINVITE, photo provided by OREO /

For many people that bing or notification seems never to stop during the day. Whether it is a quick question over Microsoft Teams or another longer group meeting, the reality is that the workday is one never ending to-do list. Even though people may appreciate that stepping away from the screen is vital, putting that break onto the calendar just does not seem to happen. Isn’t it time that you scheduled your OREO THINVITE?

Who doesn’t remember coming home after school to enjoy a plate of OREO cookies and maybe a glass of milk? It might not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but that little break to reset before homework or other after school activities was important. Whether it was a twist, dunk, or even impatient devour, that cookie break made everything seem better.

OREO THINS and Microsoft 365 are encouraging people to put that cookie break onto the calendar. With the OREO THINVITE, it is time to put that 15 minute calendar hold on the schedule, take the break, and just enjoy a little sweet treat.

On November 1, 2, and 3, the THINVITE Calendar invite will block off 2:00-2:15 ET for everyone on your “team” to schedule their cookie break. While there will be a playful video and other items included with this Teams meeting, it is about encouraging everyone to take that break. It might not seem like a huge part of the day, but that 15 minutes could be the recharge to tackle the rest of the to-do list.

OREO THINVITE, a collaboration between OREO and Microsoft 365, photo provided by OREO /

What should you enjoy during that OREO THINVITE meet?

As part of the OREO THINS and Microsoft 365 collaboration, OREO THINS created a special limited edition snack pack. Even though the special packs might have sold out quickly, it does not mean people should pass on this snack break opportunity. Having a package of OREO THINS in the office drawer, pantry or even purse can bring that little smile to the day. Given the worker energy crisis, even the little diversion can help reset the mindset.

And, OREO and Microsoft have a variety of other special items to bring a little sweet happiness to the day. Whether it is the first ever OREO emojis or the Microsoft Office Assistant expansion pack, the idea is to recapture that sense of playfulness that sometimes disappears when work becomes overwhelming. It does not mean that the laptop needs to be thrown out the window in frustration, but a little diversion can be a good thing.

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Are you ready to schedule your OREO THINVITE? How do you add a break into your busy workday?