Pop-Tarts and Tajin heat up an intense flavor combination

Pop-Tarts and Tajin pairing, photo provided by Pop-Tarts
Pop-Tarts and Tajin pairing, photo provided by Pop-Tarts /

For many people, Pop-Tarts are more than just a simple toaster pastry that satisfies a hunger. The preferred flavor can be a hotly contested debate. Add to that conversation the numerous ways of enjoying that sweet bite, including that butter Pop-Tarts concept, can be equally as creative. With the new Pop-Tarts and Tajin kit, it is time to bring the heat to the crazy bueno flavor pairing.

Just like there is a loyalty to Pop-Tarts, the same can be said about Tajin. The iconic seasoning is more than just a sprinkling of flavor. From a garnish to an ingredient, that bottle can spark an intense loyalty.

In addition, Tajin has created a plethora of food combinations or recipes. From a simple dash on some mango to the secret zip in a guacamole, there is no shortage of uses.

A recent announcement has both Pop-Tarts and Tajin lovers ready to set the tastebuds on a journey. The special kit encourages people to add a little zip to that pastry. From the slightly unexpected to the boldness that cannot be ignored, this idea is one that might have many people re-thinking their morning meal.

Pop-Tarts and Tajin
Pop-Tarts and Tajin kit to make Crazy Bueno flavor pairings, photo provided by Pop-Tarts /

The Pop-Tarts and Tajin kit features Frosted Strawberry, Frosted Wild Berry and Peach Cobbler. In addition, the kit contains Tajin’s Clasico Seasoning and the new Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce.

According to Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Marketing, Portable Wholesome Snacks, “As a brand, we love to challenge conventions and defy expectations, and, with the superstar power of Tajín, we knew we could inspire our fans with an unexpected, ingenious combination. Tajín shares our dedication to unique flavors, so they were the perfect partner to embrace this ‘Crazy Bueno’ idea.”

While everyone will have their own flavor pairings and combinations, it will be interesting to see how people share their findings. From mild to intense, there is a combination for everyone. Maybe someone will even combine the butter and Tajin for an even more robust flavor experience.

The special Pop-Tarts and Tajin kits are available for purchase online starting on Tuesday, October 25 at noon ET. They are available while supplies last.

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